Monday, February 05, 2018

Dearest St Joseph, who took care of Jesus and Mother Mary so well, please pray for us.


Friday, February 02, 2018

My dearest Jesus, I love You very much!

I haven't had too much time to write here lately and there's this pile of marking still smiling at me. I rather gaze at and admire real beautiful towering snow laden peaks and savour the hard work due to the climb/descent... but, like hiking up / down a mountain, marking has given me some insight into their thoughts and I can't help but wonder at some beautiful pieces of work and marvel also at some, er, not so beautiful pieces of work. 

I couldn't resist posting this. I remember some beautiful conversations about dearest crucified Jesus and I want to remember them (Deo gratias et Mariae):

Thank you my dearest Jesus, for enduring this crown of thorns for us. Words cannot express how much I am in debt of to you, after I realised what this crown of thorns must have done to you and what it means for me, for us... 

Dr Zugibe said that the crowning of thorns was perhaps the most painful pain since it seriously wounded the trigeminal nerve which is like an electric wire…

The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve and is the great sensory nerve of the head and face, and the motor nerve of the muscles of mastication.

The thorns, affecting the Trigeminal nerve, the 5th cranial nerve and it is the main nerve of the face responsible for sensation (e.g. heat and pain). The 3rd attachment shows clearly where the trigeminal nerve innervates the face (with the different colours). Note that every region of the face is innervated by the trigeminal nerve, top of head, nose, mouth, sides of face, cheeks etc (!) This means that every time Jesus spoke, it must have been very very painful - like many electric shocks(!)

It is really really wonderful that Jesus managed to speak at all throughout His passion (after scourging, talking to P.Pilate, way of the cross a few times, on the cross (7 times!!) amidst all the other pains caused by all the other tortures Jesus had to go through: scourging, carrying the cross, removal of thorns and putting it back on, the actual crucifixion. This makes all of Jesus's words during his Passion really really really precious!

Here, the SEVEN, the words that sparkled faith throughout the whole world! 

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (How can anyone forgive the people who so horribly torture you?)

"Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise" (I am so much looking forward to be in paradise with Jesus and Mother Mary!!!...)

"Woman, behold your son, son, behold your mother" (Dearest Mother Mary!)

"Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani..." (Very eloquent words that everyone says whenever suffering, but when Jesus said it, he was not "giving up on God", but when we say it, we sometimes mean "Why God, why did you do this to me?")

"I thirst!" (Jesus thirsts for souls to come to him and drink at his fountain)

"It is finished." (His whole Passion for the salvation of mankind)

"Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." (to His Father in heaven, Jesus gives His self to His father)

Most precious words! 

And a prayer for Catholic priests, who are alter Christus (pl. Christi?) 

O Jesus, eternal Priest,
keep Thy priests within the shelter
of Thy Sacred Heart, where none may touch them.

Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily touch Thy Sacred Body.

Keep unsullied their lips, daily purpled with Thy Precious Blood. 

Keep pure and unearthly their hearts, sealed with the sublime mark of the priesthood.

Let Thy holy love surround them and shield them from the world's contagion. 

Bless their labours with abundant fruit and may the souls to whom they minister be their joy and consolation here and in heaven their beautiful and everlasting crown. Amen. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

For the Year 2018

and for the General Chapter: 

Come Holy Ghost

Fill the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love. 
V. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created; 
R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
Let Us Pray: O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant that by the same Spirit we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
St. Pius X, pray for us.

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

St. Macarius of Alexandria, 3rd January 2018

Prayer is the breath of the soul. But St. Macarius teaches us that mind and body must be brought to subjection before the soul is free to pray.


Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Happy New Year!

The following is a sermon of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. 

The Name of Jesus is Light, and Food, and Medicine. It is Light, when it is preached to us; it is Food, when we think upon it; it is the Medicine that soothes our pains when we invoke it. Let us say a word on each of these. 

Tell me, whence came there, into the whole world, so bright and sudden a light, if not from the preaching of the Name of Jesus? Was it not by the light of this Name that God called us unto His admirable Light? Wherewith being enlightened, and in this light, seeing the Light, we take these words of Paul as truly addressed to ourselves; Heretofore, you were darkness; but now, light in the Lord. Nor is the Name of Jesus Light only; it is also Food. 

Art thou not strengthened, as often as thou thinkest of this Name? What is there that so feeds the mind of him that meditates upon this Name? What is there that so restores the wearied faculties, strengthens virtue, gives vigour to good and holy habits, and fosters chastity? Every food of the soul is dry, that is not steeped in this unction; it is insipid, if it be not seasoned with this salt. If thou write, I relish not thy writing, unless I read there the Name of Jesus. If thou teach me, or converse with me, I relish not thy words, unless I hear thee say the name of Jesus. JESUS is honey to the mouth, and music to the ear, and gladness to the heart.

It is also Medicine. 

Is any one among you sad? Let but Jesus come into his heart, and the mouth echo him, saying Jesus! and lo! the light of that Name disperses every cloud, and brings sunshine back again. 

Have any of you committed sin? and is despair driving you into the snare of death? Invoke the Name of life, and life will come back to the soul. Was there ever a man, that, hearing this saving Name, could keep up that common fault of hardness of heart, or drowsiness of sluggishness, or rancour of soul, or languor of sloth? 

If any one, perchance, felt that the fountain of his tears was dry, did it not gush forth more plentifully than ever, and flow more sweetly than ever, as soon as he invoked the Name of Jesus?

If any of us were ever in danger, and our heart beat with fear, did not this Name of power bring us confidence and courage the moment we pronounced it? When we were tossed to and fro by perplexing doubts, did not the evidence of what was right burst on us as we called upon the Name of light?

When we were discouraged, and well nigh crushed, by adversity, did not our heart take courage, when our tongue uttered the Name of help? All this is most true; for all these miseries are the sicknesses and faintings of our soul, and the Name of Jesus is our Medicine. But, let us see how all this comes to pass.

“Call upon me in the day of trouble, says the Lord; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me” [Psalm 49: 15]. There is nothing which so restrains the impulse of anger, calms the swelling of pride, heals the wound of envy, represses the insatiability of luxury, smothers the flame of lust, quenches the thirst of avarice, and dispels the fever of uncleanliness — as the Name of Jesus.

For when I pronounce this Name, I bring before my mind the Man, who, by excellence, is meek and humble of heart, benign, sober, chaste, merciful, and filled with everything this is good and holy, nay, who is the very God Almighty — whose example heals me, and whose assistance strengthens me. I say all this, when I say Jesus. Here have I my model, for He is Man; and my help, for He is God.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Novena Prayer of St Pius X to the Immaculate Virgin Mary


Prayer of St. Pius X to the Immaculate Virgin Mary 


O most holy Virgin who didst find favor in God’s sight and hast become His Mother; O Virgin, immaculate in body and soul, in thy faith and in thy love, look down with pity on the wretched who in our need seek thy powerful protection.

The evil serpent on whom was cast the primal curse continues, alas, to attack and ensnare the poor children of Eve. But thou, our Blessed Mother, our Queen and our Advocate, thou who from the first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of this cruel enemy, receive our prayers.

United to thee with one heart, we beseech thee to present them before the throne of God. May we never be caught in the snares around us, but rather may we all reach the harbor of salvation.

Despite the awesome perils which threaten, may God’s Church and all Christian society sing out once again the hymn of deliverance, of victory and of peace.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Directions + AMDG

A very good friend pointed this out to me, quite a while ago. And it seems that it is the will of God that I finally am able to finally understand certain things that have plagued me, especially much so, for the last 4 years. 

I have had too many questions and this has answered something that has been somewhat of a load on my shoulders. Moving forward, I pray for the clarity of thought and wisdom that only the Holy Ghost can give which will help direct our actions and life, bearing in mind what life is to us: to seek perfection, to climb that ladder to go to Him and to be with Him, who is true Love, forever. 

Many of my questions were answered by this book. The real Sound of Music. The movie (which I loved a lot) barely flipped through and only glosses over what the family had to go through and it peeled layers off my mis-guided understanding of several things.

Deo gratias et Mariae for everything. 

I am asking for prayers very much to be always ready to do what God wants and for His strength to carry us through whatever is ahead of us. If you my dear reader would so kindly be able to do for me. 

I cannot write for long now (but it seems it is the Will of God and I am happy about it) but I strongly recommend these 2 books. They are easily available (compared to previously where it was harder to find...) and can be read on your Kindle as an e-book. 

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

St Therese of the Child Jesus and Holy Face

ce qui lui plaît c'est de me voir aimer ma petitesse et ma pauvreté, c'est l'espérance aveugle que j'ai en sa miséricorde

- St. Thérèse


Sunday, October 01, 2017

trying something out

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

St John Brebeuf, St Issac Jogues and Companions Martyrs

Blessed feast of St Jean de Brebeuf, St Issac Jogues and Companions! Very grateful to have been able to find and pray at the exact site of St Ignace II where Sts Jean de Brebeuf and Gabriel Lalemant where martyred for their Faith, and to be at Saint Mary among the Hurons where they are buried. 
O blessed martyrs, how deep is your joy now! Please pray for us as we struggle with the Crosses we carry that one day we may come to that same deep joy and love that you possess, forever. Amen!

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Dearest Padre Pio, please pray for us!

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Friday, September 08, 2017

Education! and Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Fatima!

Things I've been thinking about:

Prayer to our Sorrowful Mother for a particular grace
O, mother most holy and sorrowful, Queen of Martyrs, you who stood by your Son as He agonized on the cross; by the sufferings of your life, by that sword of pain that pierced your heart, by your perfect joy in heaven, look down on me kindly as I kneel before you, sympathizing with your sorrows and offering you my petition with childlike trust. 
Dear Mother, since your Son refuses you nothing, ask of His Sacred Heart to mercifully grant what I ask, through the merits of His sacred passion, along with those of your sufferings at the foot of the cross.

Mother most merciful, to whom shall I go in my misery if not to you who pities us poor sinful exiles in this valley of tears? In our name, offer Jesus but one drop of His most precious blood, but one pang of His loving heart. Remind Him that you are our sweetness, our life and our hope, and your prayer will be heard. Amen


Our Lady of Fatima!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Novena for those making the Pilgrimage to Fatima

Novena Prayer: Fatima Pilgrimage

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Woman clothed with the sun, thou who didst visit Fatima one hundred years ago to make known to all men thy maternal and Immaculate Heart, receive our act of total consecration to thee.

Welcome us into the safe refuge of thy Immaculate Heart as into the ark of salvation prepared by the Holy Ghost for us and for all the children of the Catholic Church in East and West.

Let each one of us find in thy Immaculate Heart this year a sanctuary of ceaseless prayer, a tabernacle of intimacy with the Most Holy Trinity, a hospital for the healing of every infirmity, a harbor of peace in the midst of the confusion that threatens even the bravest and most faithful souls.

Inspire us to take up the rosary that thou so lovest, and to make it during this year the ceaseless prayer of our hearts and the expression of our desire to live and to die consecrated to thy Immaculate Heart.

Turn our hearts to the Lamb who, once immolated upon the altar of the Cross, offers Himself still for our sakes from the altars of the Church and from the tabernacles where He abides hidden, silent, and so often forsaken.

Let this year be for us a great and powerful manifestation of thy compassion for poor sinners and the beginning of the triumph of thy Immaculate Heart in the Church from the rising of the sun to its setting, and indeed in the whole world.

Overcoming every resistance, be it of demons or of men, reveal to all souls the flame of love that burns in thy maternal Heart and the glory of the Father that shines on the face of His Christ, Jesus, the blessed fruit of thy womb. O clement! O loving! O sweet Virgin Mary!

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Notre Dame du Cap

This is beautiful. I saw a video of the Marian Congress of Ottawa on FB, around 1 July and I only just read this. Time, it runs too fast! 

My dearest beautiful Mother,

Thank you for the chance to be able to kneel in front of you together with those whom I love very much. 

I love you always. Please help us!

Yours always,

Taken from: 

Message of Pope Pius XII to the Marian Congress of Ottawa

June 19, 1947
Beloved Children in Christ Jesus: You have opened a congress which will be memorable in the proud annals of your country. This is not the first time that Canadian skies have been pierced by paeans of praise to honour her whom the King, the King of Kings has wished to honour. More than three centuries ago Mary's sweet name was given to river and lake, to mountain-peak and bay in your land, and devotion to her Most Pure Heart was sanctifying the family hearths. A first settlement might be little more than a few rough cabins along the lower banks of the river, but a chapel was there, dedicated to God to honour the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Other brave spirits came to penetrate farther up the river and their city was to be Mary's own; their battle-cry against the savages of the forest was: Ave Purissima!
But those early champions of Mary's honour to the glory of her Son, for all their adventuresome fervour, could never have imagined the scene that Canada presents today. In the national capital, before most eminent representatives of Church and State, thousands have gathered to make public profession of their faith, Canada's rich heritage from Old France and to re-dedicate to Mary Immaculate the country that they love, with whose future are bound up the happiness and welfare of their children and children's children. With keen joy We feel conscious of Our own presence in your midst in the person of Our Cardinal Legate. Surely Our venerable Brother, the devoted Shepherd of your souls, responded to a holy inspiration, when he planned to commemorate the centenary of the diocese of Ottawa by a Marian Congress, whose sessions and liturgical functions would help you to know better and love more ardently creation's incomparable glory, and whose crowning act would be the consecration of all; town, - city and province - to Mary, the Mother of God.
Mother of God! What an ineffable title! The grace of the divine maternity is the key which opens up to weak, human scrutiny the untold riches of Mary's soul; as it is likewise a challenge commanding for her the utmost reverence of every creature. « She alone by her dignity transcends heaven and earth. None among created beings visible or invisible can compare with her in excellence. She is at once the handmaid and the Mother of God, a Virgin and yet a Mother » (Brev. Rom. Offic. B. V. M. lect. 5).
But when the little maid of Nazareth uttered her fiat to the message of the Angel and the Word was made flesh in her womb, she became not only the Mother of God in the physical order of nature, but also in the supernatural order of grace she became the Mother of all, who through the holy Spirit would be made one under the Headship of her divine Son. The Mother of the Head would be the Mother of the members (cfr. St. Aug. de Sancta Virginit. cap. VI; Migne PL t. 40, c. 399). The Mother of the Vine would be the Mother of the branches.
Our filial love of Mary prompts Us to dwell for a space in prayerful meditation with you, beloved children, on these beautiful truths. But time will not permit Us. You will ponder them in your hearts during these days of extraordinary grace, which are beginning for you. Let the sin-laden soul take courage and know that a Mother's heart filled with mercy is pleading with her divine Son for the needed grace of repentance and forgiveness. Let growing youth of both sexes know that a loving Mother's eyes are always on them. No path or circumstance is hidden from her anxious care. Go forward then with determination, O dear young men and young women; vindicate the glory of your Immaculate Mother. In the face of a vicious world prove that young hearts can still be chaste. And O how much depends on the genuine, active Catholicity of the home!
Rejoice, O most pure One, Mother of God, in the holy desires and resolutions of thy dear children of Canada. They are thine; they wish to cling ever to thy guiding hand. Protect them under the wings of thy affection and mercy. Defend them against the peril that threatens the human family and menaces especially those who wish to be faithful to thy Son and His Church.
As a pledge of these precious blessings, beloved children, and as a token of Our paternal affection, to you, to all who take part in this Congress and who have assisted in its preparation, We impart the Apostolic Benediction.


O Jesus, Who didst ask at Fatima that devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary be established throughout the world, in order to save poor sinners from the fires of hell, behold we come today, the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X, in union with all our faithful people, to renew the consecration of Canada and of our ministry to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Humbly prostrate before Thine altar, we adore Thee in the Blessed Sacrament, and venerate the admirable privilege granted to Thy Holy Mother, by which Her most pure Soul was preserved from original sin, in order to become the refuge of sinners and “the way that will lead them to God”.
O Jesus, Thou hast instructed us through the vision of Saint John Bosco, in which he saw the Church attacked from every side, but saved by the Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. Thou hast instructed us also through the vision of Sister Lucy, in which she was permitted to contemplate the Blessed Trinity, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Thy Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, renewed on our altars, the infinite source of grace and mercy. So it is, O Jesus, One and only True God, that in this storm which is shaking the Church and the world, Thou hast given us as the ark of salvation, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the incomparable treasure of the Blessed Eucharist.
Consequently, in the Presence of the Sacrament of Thy Love, with the utmost confidence of being heard, we consecrate again Canada, our families and the ministry of the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X to Thy Eucharistic Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We beseech Thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus and Thee, O Immaculate Heart of Mary, to deign to receive this consecration of our country so that, protected by Thine assistance from the dangers which threaten it and enlightened by the Truths of Thy Wisdom, Canada may become once more a land of predilection, where love of Thy Holy Name and respect for Thy law will reign again, in conformity with the truth of Thy Sovereign Royalty, for which our first missionaries gave their lives.
Accept also this consecration of our families which, with all our heart, we make to Thee so that, forever safe in the burning furnace of Thy Charity, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in the refuge of Thy Heart, which is the refuge of all sinners, O Immaculate Heart of Mary, touched by so much mercy and grace, Thy children may live henceforth only for Thee, in Thy Church, and in obedience to Thy commandments, and may thus all, one day, come safely to Heaven to “sing forever Thy glories and Thy blessings”.
Finally, we ask Thee to receive this consecration of our Society of Saint Pius X, established in Canada, so that, faithful to the mission which has been confided to it, it may work with all its strength for the coming of the Kingdom of Christ, the King, and for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in this great land which the Church as placed under the patronage of Saint Joseph and the Canadian Martyrs. Taught by the example of our venerated Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, we renew today the consecration of our priests, our seminarians, our religious, the members of our third order and all our spiritual family to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
We offer to Thee and we consecrate to Thee, O Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, our goods, our houses, all the Faithful who are confided to us and all the labours of our ministry, asking Thee to keep us ever steadfastly attached to the Catholic Church, our Mother, and to protect us always from error and from sin, so that united forever in the love of Thy divine Hearts, we may give Thee glory and praise Thee with all the angels and saints, throughout all ages of eternity. Amen.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Parents Prayers for their Children


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crux Fidelis | Faithful Cross | The Glory of the Cross

Crux fidelis, inter omnes 
Arbor una nobilis!
Nulla silva talem profert, 
Fronde, flore, germine,
Dulce lignum, dulces clavos,
Dulce pondus sustinet.
Faithful Cross! above all other,
One and only noble Tree!
None in foliage, none in blossom, 
None in fruit thy peer may be; 
Sweetest wood and sweetest iron,
Sweetest weight is hung on thee.
1 Pange, lingua, gloriosi,
Lauream certaminis,
Et super Crucis trophaeo
Dic triumphum nobilem:
Qualiter Redemptor orbis
Immolatus vicerit.
Crux fidelis … 
1 Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle!
With completed victory rife!
And above the Cross’s trophy
Tell the triumph of the strife:
How the world’s Redeemer conquer’d
By the offering of His life.
Faithful Cross ...
2 De parentis protoplasti
Fraude Factor condolens,
Quando pomi noxialis
In necem morsu ruit:
Ipse lignum tunc notavit.
Damna ligni ut solveret.
Dulce lignum ...
2 God, his Maker, sorely grieving, 
That the first-made Adam fell,
When he ate the fruit of sorrow,
Whose reward was death and hell, 
Noted then this Wood the ruin,
Of the ancient wood to quell. 
Sweetest wood ...
3 Hoc opus nostrae salutes 
Ordo depoposcerat:
Multiformis proditoris
Ars ut artem falleret: 
Et medelam ferret inde,
Hostis unde laeserat. 
Crux fidelis ...
3 For this work of our salvation
Needs must have its order so,
And the manifold deceiver’s 
Art by art would overthrow,
And from thence would bring the healing,
Whence the insult of the foe. 
Faithful Cross ...
4 Quando venit ergo sacri
Plenitudo temporis, 
Missus est ab arce Patria
Natus orbis Conditor: 
Atque ventre virginali 
Carne amicus prodiit. 
Dulce lignum ...
4 Wherefore then the appointed fullness
Of the holy time was come, 
He was sent who taketh all things
From th’ eternal Father’s home,
And proceeded, God Incarnate, 
Offspring of the Virgin’s womb. 
Sweetest wood … 
5 Vagit infans inter arcta 
Conditus praesepia:
Membra pannis involuta
Virgo Mater alligat:
Et Dei manus pedesque
Stricta confit fascia.
Crux fidelis ...
5 Weeps the Infant in the manger
That in Bethlehem’s stable stands:
And His Limbs the Virgin Mother 
Doth compose in swaddling bands,
Meetly thus in linen folding 
Of her God the feet and hands.
Faithful Cross … 
6 Lustra sex qui jam peregit, 
Tempus implens corporis, 
Sponte libera Redemptor
Passioni deditus, 
Agnus in Crucis levatur
Immolandus stipite.
Dulce lignum ...
6 Thirty years among us dwelling, 
His appointed time fulfilled,
Born for this, He meets His Passion, 
For that this He freely willed: 
On the Cross the Lamb is lifted,
Where His life-blood shall be spilled. 
Sweetest wood … 
7 Felle potus ecce languet: 
Spina, clavi, lancea,
Mite corpus perforarunt,
Unda manat, et cruor:
Terra, pontus, astra, mounds
Quo lavantur flumine!
Crux fidelis ...
7 He endured the nails, the spitting, 
Vinegar, and spear, and reed; 
From that holy Body broken
Blood and water forth proceed:
Earth, and stars, and sky, and ocean,
By that flood from stain are freed.
Faithful Cross ...
8 Flecte ramos, arbor alta,
Tensa lax viscera, 
Et rigor lentescat ille,
Quem dedit nativitas:
Et superni membra Regis
Tende miti stipite. 
Dulce lignum ...
8 Bend thy boughs, O Tree of glory!
Thy relaxing sinews bend;
For awhile the ancient rigour, 
That thy birth bestowed, suspend:
And the King of heavenly beauty
On thy bosom gently tend!
Sweetest wood ...
9 Sola digna tu fuisti
Ferre mundi victimam: 
Atque portam praeparare 
Arca mundo naufrago:
Quam sacer cruor perunxit, 
Fusus Agni corpore.
Crux fidelis ...
9 Thou alone wast counted worthy
This world’s ransom to uphold;
For a shipwrecked race preparing 
Harbour, like the Ark of old;
With the sacred Blood anointed 
From the smitten Lamb that rolled.
Faithful Cross ...
10 Sempiterna sit beatae
Trinitate gloria:
Aequa Patri, Filioque;
Par decus Paraclito:
Unius Trinique nomen
Laudet universitas. Amen. 
Dulce lignum ...
10 To the Trinity be glory
Everlasting, as is meet: 
Equal to the Father, equal To the Son, 
and Paraclete: 
Trinal Unity, Whose praises 
All created things repeat. Amen. 
Sweetest wood ...

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

St Catherine Labouré - Graces Our Lady wants to give to us!

"Well, what are the graces for which we forget to pray?" he (Father Aladel) asked. "And how would you explain things in a sermon if you were in my place?" 

For a moment Sister Catherine did not reply. Then a soft light crept into her eyes. "Why not put it this way, Father? Tell people to ask the Blessed Virgin for the grace to love God as she did when she was their age."

At these words, so simply spoken, a wave of admiration swept through the priest's heart. Here, surely, was a request that only a few people would ever think of making. Yet certainly it covered everything. Indeed, it was nothing short of a perfect act of love. Why, if one offered this little prayer frequently, while being faithful to the duties of one's state in life, there was no reason to be afraid of anything! Not even of sudden death. For a perfect act of love could bring even the most ordinary soul straight to Heaven. 

- The Miraculous Medal: The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to St. Catherine Labouré by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (Chapter 12: The Graces People Forget to Ask For)

The truth which her humble life had so suddenly revealed to them -- that holiness is not so much a matter of long prayers and great sacrifices as it is of giving oneself completely into God's hands for Him to do with as He wills -- had touched their hearts. What did it matter that probably the only work He would ever ask of many of them would be to raise a family, suffer certain pains, perhaps just to earn a living for themselves? They all realised the same thing: that the secret of being a saint was first to give themselves to God completely, just as Sister Catherine had done, then wait in loving confidence for Him to make known His Will.

The Miraculous Medal: The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to St. Catherine Labouré by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (Chapter 21: Sister Catherine's Last Request)

Fr Aladel, Servant of Mary

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Monday, March 06, 2017

St. Joseph!

March, the month dedicated to St. Joseph
Feast of St. Joseph - March 20 [this year]


"Of old it was said to the needy and suffering people in the kingdom of Egypt: 'Go to Joseph, and do all that he shall say to you.' (Gen. 41:55).

"The same is now said by the Sovereign Pontiff to all needy and suffering people in the kingdom of the Church: GO TO JOSEPH . . . .

"What was truly said of the first Joseph, as to his future, and as to his goodness, his chastity, his patience, his wisdom, his influence with the king, his power over the people, and his love for his
brethren, is verified much more perfectly, even to this day, in the second JOSEPH."
-- Herbert Cardinal Vaughan [1832-1903], Archbishop of Westminster

Words of St. Teresa of Avila

"Would that I could persuade all men to be devoted to this glorious Saint, for I know by long experience what blessings he can obtain for us from God. I have never known anyone who was truly devoted to him and honored him by particular services who did not advance greatly in virtue: for he helps in a special way those souls who commend themselves to him. It is now very many years since I began asking him for something on his feast, and I have always received it. If the petition was in any way amiss, he rectified it for my greater good . . . I ask for the love of God that he who does not believe me will make the trial for himself - then he will find out by experience the great good that results from commending oneself to this glorious Patriarch and in being devoted to him . . ."
-Autobiography, VI, 11-12


"Since we all must die, we should cherish a special devotion to St. Joseph, that he may obtain for us a happy death. All Christians regard him as the advocate of the dying who had honored him during
their life, and that for three reasons:

"First, because Jesus Christ loved him not only as a friend, but as a father, and on this account his mediation is far more efficacious than that of any other Saint.

"Second, because St. Joseph has obtained special power against the evil spirits, who tempt us with redoubled vigor at the hour of death.

"Third, the assistance given St. Joseph at his death by Jesus and Mary obtained for him the right to secure a holy and peaceful death for his servants. Hence, if they invoke him at the hour of death he
will not only help them, but he will also obtain for them the assistance of Jesus and Mary."


(Ad te Beate Joseph -- prayer of Pope Leo XIII)

To thee, O blessed Joseph, do we have recourse in our tribulation, and having implored the help of thy thrice holy Spouse, we confidently invoke thy patronage also. By that charity wherewith thou wast united to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and by that fatherly affection with which thou didst embrace the Child Jesus, we beseech thee and we humbly pray, that thou wouldst look graciously upon the inheritance which Jesus Christ hath purchased by His Blood, and assist us in our needs by thy power and strength. Most watchful Guardian of the Holy Family, protect the chosen people of Jesus Christ; keep far from us, most loving father, all blight of error and corruption: mercifully assist us from heaven, most mighty defender, in this our conflict with the powers of darkness; and, even as of old thou didst rescue the Child Jesus from the supreme peril of his life, so now defend God's Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; keep us one and all under thy continual protection, that we may be supported by thine example and thine assistance, may be enabled to lead a holy life, die a happy death and come at last to the possession of everlasting blessedness in heaven. Amen.
-- A partial indulgence is attached to this prayer



O, my beloved St. Joseph, adopt me as thy child, take care of my salvation, watch over me day and night, preserve me from the occasion of sin, obtain for me purity of soul and body! Through thy intercession with Jesus grant me a spirit of sacrifice, of humility and self-denial, a burning love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and a sweet tender love for Mary, my Mother. St. Joseph, be with me living, be with me dying and obtain for me a favorable judgment from Jesus, my merciful Savior. Amen



Friday, February 17, 2017

Music truly uplifts the soul

Listening to 10 minutes worth of this, saying my night prayer, before going to sleep helps, quite a lot.

Deo gratias et Mariae for this.


Friday, January 06, 2017

Happy Feast of the Epiphany! 🤗

"Look Mummy! There's Baby Jesus! Look Mummy!" and before I could even reply, she exclaimed, "This is Christmas!" My heart ❤️melted. I hugged her, tightly, very precious.

On another note, Happy Feast of the Epiphany (The Three Wise Men) today! They managed to reach Our Lord to offer their gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blessed Christmas

Behold the dear Infant Jesus, and adore Him fervently. Contemplate His poverty, and humility, in imitation of His most holy Mother and of Saint Joseph. Repose near Him as sweetly as you can, He will not fail to love your heart, void as you find it of tenderness and feeling. Nothing will be wanting to you, since you will be in the presence of that holy Infant. Abide there, and learn of Him how meek and humble He is, how simple and amiable. See how lovingly He has written your name in the depth of His Divine Heart, which beats on that couch of straw from the impassioned zeal it has for our advancement, and heaves not one single sigh unto His Father in which you have not a part, nor a single movement of His spirit except for your happiness. 

--Saint Francis de Sales 

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Heilige Adventszeit, Thoughts from Padre Pio's letters, St Francis de Sales

Poverty, humility, degradation, contempt surround the Word made flesh. But from the darkness in which this Word made flesh is enveloped, we understand one thing, we hear a voice, we catch a glimpse of a sublime truth. All this He has done out of love, and He does nothing but invite us to love; He speaks of nothing else but love; He gives nothing but proof of love. (Letters IV, pp. 972 – 973)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ich wünsche Euch einen gesegneten und heiligen Advent

Our Expectant Mother Mary this Adventide, eagerly expecting Our Lord

It is indeed very special indeed this Advent, as I contemplate Our Dearest Mother, soon-to-be on donkey-back, making her way to Bethlehem, huge lump and all in front of her - and how arduous the journey (!), in piercing cold and rocky paths, with the donkey going up and done. How must St Joseph have felt, trying to protect Our Dearest Mother and guide her safely so that they could have the census done. And ... How must Our Lady have felt, to know how St Joseph was feeling and the suffering She, too, had to undergo on this journey. In this day and age, no travel is advised for huge pregnant women in their 8th and 9th month, unless absolutely necessary ... 

Deo gratias et Mariae (sehr sehr much!!!) It is indeed a very wonderful grace for a mother to be expecting at the time when Our Lady did. 

St Gerard Maria Majella, please take care of this child and, together with her Guardian Angel, guide her safely into this world so that she can receive the saving grace from the waters of Baptism. 

Awaiting Our Little Baby Jesus after the 4th Sunday of Advent

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

Happy feast of the beautiful Immaculate Conception! The Immaculate who housed Our Lord (the Most Sacred Heart) in her womb (a very precious thought during Advent, especially, Mother Mary walking around and (travelling even to Bethlehem!!) very pregnant with Our Lord!!!). 

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Prayer of St Maximilian to the Immaculate

This is very beautiful.  It burrows deep into my heart. ❤️
Prayer of St. Maximilian to the Immaculate: 

Allow me to praise you, O, Most Holy Virgin. 

Allow me to praise you at my own expense. 

Allow me to live, work, suffer, expire and die for you and only for you. Allow me to bring the whole world to you. 

Allow me to contribute even more greatly to the greatest exaltation of you. 
Allow me to bring you such glory as has never been brought to you. 
Allow others to outdistance me in fervency of your exaltation, and me them, so that your glory will grow, in noble competition, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, more powerfully, as He wishes, He, Who so inexpressibly exalted you above all beings. 

In only you, incomparably, God became more glorified than in all His saints. For you, God created the world. For you also, God has called me into existence. Whence is this happiness for me? 

O, allow me to praise you, O, Most Holy Virgin.


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