Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hello All .. its been a long time since i last blogged ... since i last stepped into the realms of the online world ... LIFE has been totally mortifying lately and im feeling rreally reallly tired and more tired almost every day of MY LIFE. Its been like weeks and weeks of nonstop studying of which i cant seem to excel not sure why .. maybe its because im too tired and still there are more weeks to come. I can say that im real happy that (with some sarcasm of course), im finally feeling on the go and roaring to go!!! shucks .. i sound so idiotic .. never mind im so FULL OF OPTIMISM AND ENTHUSIASM for the weeks to come.. seriously, i am glad that im finally sitting down and really studying .. the only thing i need now is a serious cup of hot chocolate and my bed and my book. I havent been doing the things i want to do lately, but i guess the studies are much more important than anything else in my life NOW..i know that there's more to life than just studies and im glad, im really glad that i kNOW. shucks.. There's just no time to finish what i want and what i need to do! there's all the revision exercises there's all the math n physics to practise there's all the bio n chem to study there's so much to do but so little time. ... STResS ! but what can i do? i shall take a break now, relax for a while then go back to doing all those work. :-)
God works in marvellous ways. For instance, i went for the normal novena sessions at novena church on sat evening n the short homily had everything to do with god being everywhere, god in our daily lives. I listened and i realised how much Ive missed those days in my sec school when we had 1st friday masses and cathehism classes. THose times with my wonderful friends and teachers .. their love care and concern .. everything that was my world then .. but life goes on and i have to let some things go so more new things can come. Haha. I ve let go of alot of things... somehow or rather i feel that mass and prayers and saying the rosary helps me put myself back inplace with myself n reality. Over the past week ... my reality was more like immersed into all the subjects im taking and stuff..thinking about kinematics .. learning the bio stuff on biotech .. enthalpy changes ..
I cant wait for the A\s to be over! I need the time to do the things that i really want to do... but right now --> Studies' are the most IMPORTANT!!~
Then, today Fr John said something about hospitality and the asian culture and how hospitality is to do with the christian way of life.. i realised charity, everything helping, being nice, smiling are all the processes of hospitality .. then i met Fr Moses, he asked me to say this prayer .. Dear LORD, give me the wisdom to study what i have to study and I Surrender my results to you. Amen. I realized the need to trust fully in GOd no matter what... God thank you for sending your angels to help me.. today's 1st reading was about how the 3 angels coming down to earth and telling Abraham and Sarah that they would be expecting their long awaited child .. at least ive learnt to realize that god doesnt forsake his people... he still helps no matter what.
Well, hmmm, today, alot of my relatives are going to come over for a gathering ... its to introduce former bro., sebastian to my aunt. my cousins are coming over .. everyone .. coming over at around 4 plus plus to ensure that they are introduced properly .. it felt funny when i was first told the news that they were coming yesterday.. Celestine was just messaging me on how she hoped to see me soon .. and then haha bang! they are coming today.. STil have lots of homework to complete but I CANT wait for them to come.. Praying for Sebastian and my youngest aunt... hope things can work out. =)
PS: ON a lighter note .. dont LAUGH..haha.. Im wondering how im going to call Sebastian, UNCLE .. haha after calling him Sebastian for years since pri sch days i think or is it secondary sch days? ... haha uncle sebastian ... from bro sebastian to sebastian to uncle haha ... maybe lets hope for them ......
TO ALL my pre U Sem Group 17 mates =)
thanks for sharing those times together with me.. they were really enjoyable and pure FUN! .. all those photos and memories are going to be with me for a long long time .. I realized that I Havent finished the entry the last time I said i ll continue it tomorrow .. hhaha so sorry .. that tmrw never did turn up .. but all im glad that everything's alright with everyone there I HOPE?
Take cARE Folks...
MAy God Bless You All ...
"For it is in giving that we are receiving, and in dying that we are born to eternal life." - Prayer of Saint Francis ...