Monday, April 21, 2008

The Feast of St. Anselm

1) St. Anselm (centre), terra-cotta altarpiece by Luca Della Robbia (1399/1400–82); in the Museo Diocesano, Empoli, Italy. 2) St. Anselm of Cantebury.

Exams are around the corner, but since I haven't had the time to blog lately, and since today's the feast of St. Anselm, I decided to update my blog, with a post on St. Anselm. 

Here is the Catholic Encyclopedia link to learn more about who St. Anselm was. 

Here is one prayer of St.Anselm that I love a whole lot, because it is so beautiful as it recalls the greatest relationship of all times, the love, the most beautiful love, between Son of God and Mother of God, Mother and Son. To me, every-time I look at the Cross, it is never complete without the "little" figure at the bottom, His Mother at the Foot of the Cross. 

Prayer of St. Anselm to Our Lord and Our Lady

O Good Son, by the love, by which Thou lovest Thy mother, give me, I pray Thee, to love her truly, as truly Thou lovest her and will to love her. 

O Good Mother, by the love by which thou lovest thy Son and want Him to be loved, obtain for me, I pray thee, to love Him truly as thou lovest Him and willest Him to be loved.


And since we are talking about Mother Mary dearest and Jesus dearest, here are also some links to a very good article (which is in three parts) with the running title: 

What Jesus owes to His Mother, According to Biblical Theology and the Middle Ages Theologians, Conférence Albert le Grand, 1959 By Rev. Fr. C. Spicq, O.P. (+ 1992)

Part IPart IIPart III


Sub Tuum Praesidium

Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, sancta Dei Genitrix; nostras deprecationes ne despicias in necessitatibus; sed a periculis cunctis libera nos semper, Virgo gloriosa et benedicta.

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God! Despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers, O Glorious and Blessed Virgin.

O Mary, conceived without sin, Pray for us those who have recourse to thee!

Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee; Save Souls!

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum. (ter)

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