Saturday, June 12, 2004


.:.12th June 2004.Saturday.:.

Just came back from Pre U Sem yesterday. Slept like a LOG till about 1300 today. Doing nothing much now except printing out stuff, getting ready for tomorrow cos im playing for mass and basically trying to place myself back to reality for once.

The few days there in NUS was seriously fun. There was no where that I could laugh and laugh and laugh NONSTOP. My preusem group, no. 17 was seriously, I felt, the laMESt group ALIVE!!!! Totally. I think my abs have been seriously trained. HAHA.
Ive been thinking alot about my life. Ive been praying alot about it. Its as if God's been telling me the answers but yet I still dont get it. Alot of memories playing around in my head, a lot of questions, YET no answers. Still this silly me is still praying.

Well, enough of all that, on a lighter note, this year's pre U Sem was way cool, not only because the stuff they organised was way fun, its also because i was in a group with many DIVERSE backgrounds, haha and we all added to the laughter and dun we all had. Made quite many friends, Adeline - Babe, princess ... [you]were the best friend in the group - had all those memories with you..sleeping together..bathing..haha the best's part laughing..crapping about the "silly J1s".., Amiirah - thanks so much for helping me during the last few days..with the adapter and other stuff. [you]were so much fun and i seriously enjoyed all those times spent with ya., Penelope Altho i din have much interaction with ya, i hope you are fine now! the moments spent with you being in the same small group discussion group was fun, you know when we were discussing about the singapore IDENTITY,and stuff, hope you recover and stuff and I Would like to get to know ya more. =) Felicia great havin ya around for all the discussions and stuff and also for all the lame and crappy stuff that we all did together. =) Little froggy! haha [you] made me laugh! thanks!!Nonsense aka Teck Soon LAMEST in the group! how's your hand doing now? n the wounds? haha the soldier in the group, im glad [you] were in the group!!! you seem to be the one making us all laugh and have fun and everything. Sherman - serious yet funny! im glad you were there, making us laugh n stuff and all those times when you started poking me on the back .. ah ha .. i started that silly nonsense!! and you even got tricked by me haha...
____________________________-- I ll continue this tomorrow ..