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Evolution OUT! - Part I: The Introduction

You must wonder why I'm suddenly posting on this. :)
In fact, I've been wanting to write about this ever since I started thinking about it.

I'll be starting a new series of posts that will touch on evolution.

This is the introductory post for this series of blog posts,

as time goes by, I will post, short posts, here and there along the way

(notice this necessary phrase :), because the next semester will be starting very soon.)

when time permits.

This means that I will blog about this when I have the time to do so, besides my other posts on other things, e.g. meditation materiel, daily life etc.etc. (things that I have already been blogging about)

Making myself very clear, each time I post on this topic, the official disclaimer:

1) the title of the post will read: Evolution OUT! - Part (-):---

2) the labels with regards to the post will look like this: The Anti-Evolution Thesis, Evolution Out! Part (-)

3) any comments/suggestions/disagreements/agreements/debates/etc will only be allowed through the comment function and NOT the tag-board. Emails should be fine, although I may/may not reply. To sum it all up, censor, I will, if need be.

Since this is the introductory post, here are some reasons as to why I'm blogging about this, lest you feel there is no need for me to do so:

1) I study in an environment, and I also mean, I live in this modern world, where almost every single thing denies every single ounce of one very important aspect of life, that supersedes every single one of us, God the Creator, the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity.

2) I grew up learning only about evolution and nothing against evolution. Everything was always for evolution and not against evolution. The post-concilliar church, the "novus ordo", has never, in any of my years, growing up, taught that evolution was contrary to the faith - which I must say something: evolution IS contrary to the True Faith, to the traditions of the Church and evolution is detrimental to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Everything, as a child, as a teenager, in school, especially when studying for the A Levels, evolution was taught full scale, to the brim, especially in my most favourite subject - Biology. I have had friends (even some, who went into medical school), after years studying biology, tell me, "what's the point of living, since we all came from the monkey?" etc.etc. - I was affected by that phrase at one point in time of my life.

3) Another point is that, I'm majoring in Life Sciences with a concentration in Biomedical Science. This means that for most of my 365 days of the year (save for the total of approximately 4 long months of holidays and on the rare occasion - like last semester when I took only 2 life science modules), I am immersed in a studying environment that is dominated by evolution, one in which, after a while, I feel a bitter taste in my mouth about. It is not that I don't like it. Alright, I don't like it, BUT, I don't mind it anymore. :) if you have been reading my blog, you must have had a taste of the rants that I put up, especially against evolution.

4) Pope Pius XII, in 1950, in his encyclical, Humani generis, has this to say about the evolution of the body, the very question of our origins.

"In the present state of scientific and theological opinion, this question" [evolution of the body] "may be legitimately canvased by reserach and by discussion between experts on both sides. At the same time, the reasons for and against either view must be weighed and adjudged with all seriousness, fairness and restraint; and there must be a readiness on all sides to accept the arbitrament of the Church . . . "

5) The point about this series of posts, is not to "convert" you, or to push you into thinking as to why evolution is sincerely wrong and should be abhored - Deo volente, even though it might just be a good side effect :) Faith and Reason, my dear blog reader, is sincerely very very compatible and logical. Atheism in all its horrid forms is almost as illogical and "un-thinking" as you telling me that the sun rises in the north and sets in the south.

The point is just to present to you, the dear blog reader, with the facts, evidence etc. that I've read or am studying about or thinking about, from a variety of sources (of which I will list in this introduction - which will lengthen with time, I think) about the facts and scientific experiments and explanations that will show things against evolution, things that many of us lack the knowledge of. As Pope Pius XII said, as from point 4 above, in all discussions, the facts against and for it must be shown and discussed and given full consideration.

6) The most important point to note is that I am no master. I have not even completed my degree.
All I aim to accomplish by blogging on this topic IS just to present and compile what I've read and studied and perhaps a little on what I feel - since this is a blog and not a scientific journal, although quotes might just come from journals etc.

7) Most of the things that I will/might write about will not come from me, from any of my work, research etc. :) They are from the many others so much better than me who have spent time, years, thinking, researching and writing about this topic. Credit all goes to them not me because I didn't do any of the work.
Thus, in the next section of this Introductory post, I will provide you with a list of sources, links etc. on where all the other excellent reading materiel can be found and read. This list will be subject to change as often as I see anything wrong with it or as often as I find any new article, etc. to place in this list.
*To any of my readers, if you do have any good reading materiel to add to this list, please do add to this list by placing the links or the articles etc. in the comments section of this Introductory post.

Reading Materiel:

7) The Devolution of Evolution by Dr. Terry Jackson

Blogposts on this topic before this series:

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee! Save Souls!

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Blogger Joyce Wyld said...

Spot on girl! Evolution brings more questions than it answers.
Here's another: We all know we have a soul, and we know that all animals have none. But if evolution is true, and humans came from apes-at which stage did the ape-man start to have a soul? The answer to this is two fold- either ALL men have no souls, OR, all ANIMALS have souls-both of which are ridiculous propositions. But hey, evolutionists were never very clever.

6:57 PM, January 07, 2007  
Blogger rachelanne said...

yups! hello!! :)

yes agreed, evolution does bring about more questions than its answers. Exactly! what you said is very true, ridiculous propositions come up when people forget about the presence of God in the undivided Trinity which is omnipresent because of the very act of creation... The evolutionists were never very clever because they forget that they were subjects of creation, subject only to one, True, God.

Forgeting about God, perhaps leads one to forget that Faith and Reason are actually very very very compatible. It is and it can be shown very much so that faith and reason are indeed so interconnected that there can be no other way. =D

Thank you for your comment! God Bless! Benedicamus Domino!

9:34 AM, January 08, 2007  

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