Friday, May 18, 2012

The Crown of Thorns

Dearest Jesus and His Crown of Thorns
The 3rd Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning of Thorns
(*Mortification of our pride and mortification of our eyes)

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Novena to the Holy Ghost

Veni, Creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita ...

I refer to this letter, written by Fr Couture to All Priests and Faithful of the District of Asia, dated 2nd May 2012.

Let us storm heaven together from May 8 - May 16 through this Novena to the Holy Ghost :)) 

I quote from the letter:

The intention of this novena will be that the Holy Ghost may give the graces of light and strength to the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and to the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Fellay.

The novena consists of praying the “Veni Creator Spiritus” and adding the “Memorare” (Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary...) starting on May 8 and ending on May 16, the vigil of the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord.

VENI, Creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita, imple superna gratia quae tu creasti pectora.

Qui diceris Paraclitus, altissimi donum Dei, fons vivus, ignis, caritas, et spiritalis unctio.

Tu, septiformis munere, digitus paternae dexterae, Tu rite promissum Patris, sermone ditans guttura.
Accende lumen sensibus: infunde amorem cordibus: infirma nostri corporis virtute firmans perpeti.
Hostem repellas longius, pacemque dones protinus: ductore sic te praevio vitemus omne noxium.
Per te sciamus da Patrem, noscamus atque Filium; Teque utriusque Spiritum credamus omni tempore.
Deo Patri sit gloria, et Filio, qui a mortuis surrexit, ac Paraclito, in saeculorum saecula. Amen.

V. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created. R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let us Pray: O God, Who hast taught the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost: grant that, by the gift of the same Spirit, we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

Remember, O Most, Gracious Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help and sought Thy intercession, was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother; to Thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. 
O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in Thy mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.

The English Language translation of the prayer, Veni, Creator Spiritus can be found at this link. I put the latin version up because I like the latin version very much. :)

Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori.

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum. (ter)

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne, Therese, I love You; Save Souls!

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Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D major Op. 61

My dear readers, 

I am in the "unfortunate" time (I like to mark scripts to see how my students are doing and to look at what they understand/don't understand... BUT sometimes piles of it can make one become mad from boredom - *haha, my fellow teachers, you will understand) of marking my piles of examination scripts and somehow or rather, after battling it together with this beautiful piece of music and *can you imagine what my guardian angel had to do to me to get me out of horrible sleep, induced by boring scripts* [including my sister's cat pouncing on me one really stuffy afternoon], I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. =) I am about there, about to finish (Deo gratias! and I meet the deadline set to hand in the mark lists! Deo gratias et Mariae! again!)

Here's Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61 for your listening pleasure:

Movement 1:

Movement 2:

Movement 3 *my absolute favourite*:

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne, Therese, I love You; Save Souls!

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum. (ter)

Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori.


Sunday, May 06, 2012

First Friday & First Saturday of May

Bring flowers of the rarest, bring blossoms the fairest ...


First Friday & First Saturday of

Collect of 4th Sunday of Easter:

O God, Who makest the faithful to be of one mind and will: grant to Thy people the grace to love what Thou dost command to to desire what Thou dost promise, that amid the changes of the world, our hearts may there be fixed where true joys are to be found


I know that I have had posted this before, but after spending some time alone with Him (dearest Jesus) on First Friday - First Saturday, I felt peace, I felt calm.

What have I, Lord Jesus, that Thou hast not given me?
What do I know,  that Thou hast not taught me?
What can I do, if Thou dost not help me?
And what am I, if not united to Thee?

Pardon. O! pardon my faults that have so wounded Thee!

Thou hast created me without any merit of mine.
Thou hast redeemed me without my cooperation.
Thou hast done much in creating me,
Ans still more in redeeming me,
Wilt Thou be less powerful or less generous in forgiving me?

For all the Blood Thou hast shed
And the cruel death Thou hast suffered, 
were not for the profit of the Angels who praise Thee,
But to my benefit and that of the sinners who implore Thee.

If I have then denied Thee, let me praise Thee.
If I have outraged Thee, let me love Thee.
If I have offended Thee, let me serve Thee.

For to live without loving Thee,
And to love without suffering for Thee,
O Jesus, that would be death without Thee.

Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor Tuum. (ter)

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne, Therese, I love You; Save Souls!

Regina Caeli, Laetare, Alleluia!

It's the month of May, the month we crown our dearest Mother, Queen of the May! A beautiful hymn to share:

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