Sunday, April 11, 2004

.:Sunday.11th of April.EASTER:.

YAY! Easter is FINALLY here.

I have been anxiously waiting for it yet I still don't know the reason why. =)

I played for mass today, everything was nice and smooth, no hiccups no nothing. =) YaY! The songs were also very well sung. esp. the one, Rise up with Him. One day I will upload the midi files I have on those songs we sing in mass... it would be quite awesome. haha as an afterthought, thought i would write this down..Fr. Phil was celebrating the mass today. I would also like to remember that =)

Then since it was Easter !! We had a FEAST at Pizza Hut.. It was the best Easter i have ever had in ages .. the pizza was delicious ( the double ring crust one ) and the company was amazingly exciting today .. mum and dad were so fun to be with .. not that they are not fun to be with at all .. it was just .. different the feeling today =) and as usual, my sis and me KEPT thinking about the same things over and over again ..
Then I came home and DiD work again. .. That's just my life these days .. work work and work .. but its alright .. at least i know this work is for the betterment of my future even though sometimes it can get very very torturous sitting down alone in the room late at night trying to understand the concepts, struggling through the tutorials and thinking about someone all in one short. Thinking and thinking and thinking! -- as usual, my mental faculties is always split up into too many parts... i should consider compartmentalizing my thoughts.. haha what an idea! ...

o YA i also redid the council website .. check it out.. erm i mean i ll put up the hyperlink on this site one of these days .. when mr. Yeo puts up the new link..

period. I will end here. Put up more on a later date.


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