Saturday, February 07, 2004

hello to everyone again. =).
im real sorry havent been able to do this blog up. Have been really tired and busy. Trying to catch up after the school's orientation..having many things on at the same time. Had the new Church Building dedication on mon, 2nd Feb, incidentally a public holiday because of Hari Raya Haji and also The FEAST of the presentation of Jesus Christ. It was a real real very important event i guess. The Archbishop was there and also the provincial of the Franciscan Friars. They gave out bookmarks with this prayer behind,

Restore in us
A peaceful mind
A strengthened spirit

Restore in us
A new pathway
A new hope
And a new purpose

Restore for us
The courage to
Let go what is past
The readiness and
Strength to walk
Towards the future

Restore in us
O Lord, the energy
Of this sacred place
In union with
All of your creation.

I'd like to say this prayer for everyone who comes to see this blog.
There were also door gifts filled with the Franciscan calendar 2004. Since it was the Feast of the Presentation, we were also given candles. I thought the mass was a very special one and it felt great just to sit in there and listen. After the mass, there was also refreshments provided. It was all sponsored by Goodwood Park Hotel. -- Real nice food =p. Im reminising about that event now. Haha. The food was good, the Company was Great. Everything was fun. I spoke to this priest from Australia who had specially came down for this event -- ( almost all the Franciscans in Australia were there i Think) his name is Fr. Peter if I remember rightly. His parish is in Sydney, in a place called Waverly. The Church of St. Mary of Magdala..--> if im not wrong. He made me laugh and stuff. Asked Denise and me what we wanted to do when we grew up .. and all those. God Bless Him! =) Also, caught up with Fr. Joe.. my long time favourite priest! I used to tell him everything when i was in Sec 1. Then he went away to India or somewhere erm papua new guinea also to administer to the people there.. then he came back..=p Im glad. Now he serves at St. Theresa's Church and also goes to my alma mater, CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent to give mass. He's real nice. Thank God for him. Fr. Moses was so funny that night too.. all red in the face. =) haha. I will forever remember that heartwarming night.


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