Monday, December 15, 2003

And so, this day is soon coming to a close. Not that it actually is going to close soon but it certainly is going to CLOSE, now that the sun is actually going to set and the moon actually waxing.

And so, I’ve finally gotten used to such a life. It’s actually quite great actually.

I stumbled out of bed in the wee hours of the morning (it’s the holidays, of course it’s wee. Anything’s wee when you are called out of the bed during the holidays) at exactly 0700. My sister had already finished bathing and I hurried to the toilet. The cool splashes of water “running all around me” perked me up a bit. I scrubbed my hair and massaged my sore scalp. The feeling was awesome and I wished I would be able to stay in the toilet for ever. I was awoken from this revelry by Denise, with her huge KNOCK on the door. Grumbling, I rushed out off the washing area to the dry area to clean up and dress up. I looked at myself in the mirror and found that several of the pimples I popped today were making progress - they were actually simmering down slowly. I gingerly but hurriedly applied the acne cream the dermatologist gave me and popped out of the bathroom. After popping the usual daily dose of vitamins, minerals and what nots, we all rushed out, jumped into the car and headed for my mum’s workplace – the hospital.

And so, that’s how this day began. A whole mad rush. Running here, running there that’s all we do!

After breakfast with mother now, we had to be put for piano class. I’m preparing for the Grade 8 practical while my sis is preparing for the Grade 6 practical. Aunty Magdalene, (my piano teacher) was explaining to me about a whole lot of things. From the ways of the Catholic Church, to about her children. I found out today that a priests’ brown habit is actually a scapular. When Mother Mary gave her gift of the scapular to the world, through St. Simon Stock, she told him that the habit was her sign of protection for the priesthood. As long as they continued to wear their habit, they would be protected by her, the Mother of Christ. That was new. I really didn’t know much about the scapular and what the Virgin meant by giving us her scapular, but I was finally “enlightened” today. I now feel somewhat saddened that certain priests only wear their habit during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and afterwards, put on secular clothing when they go out.

Well, that’s just it.

Love actually IS all around us. That’s copied from the movie, Love Actually. Starring many of my favourite actors and actress, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was actually certainly entertaining and of course the many laughs you get to enjoy from it are thoroughly awesome. Amazing the way they did the show. Alan Rickman – your acting’s great. Keep it up (as if he’s bound to read it – but what the heck. Speak what your mind feels! Christmas is COMING! 10 days to go.) Hugh Grant – still as great as ever! , Emma Thompson – needless to say, you gave an electrifying performance. All still as great as ever! I guess. Colin Firth – Your marvelous portrayal of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice has let me to believe you are also one of those special actors who act with a feeling. Christopher Plummer was another one. Perhaps you may be compared to him. Haha =) One last special mention, Bill Nighy, your “Love is all around us” was amazing. Always one of my favourite songs. =)

I can feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes (o yes I do), Love is all around me, everywhere I go …

His Christmas rendition to “Love is all around us” is also just as good. Except, all the love parts was replaced by the word “Christmas”. So you make a guess of what it was like. =p

Right on at 2000 hrs, I am going to attend the reconciliation service held at my church in preparation for Christmas. I’m playing for this service (it’s not a mass) actually. =) Hope I don’t make any mistakes in front of everyone! ~ Angel please help me ya? *praying to my guardian angel now.

To ALL! – Believe you have a guardian angel. (But if you don’t believe, what can I say? After all, nobody changes their mindset overnight.)

Haha. I have just received my certificate for the Grade 7 Piano Practical! The lovely feeling of beholding this certificate is slowly but surely running through my veins now. My heart is now trying to soak up the euphoria! ~ After all, I worked hard for it. =)

Have a Lovely Day Everyone.

God Bless.


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