Saturday, February 07, 2004

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Then there was my house blessing. We just shifted house on the 31st of December. Fr. John Wong came over to do the blessing, then he had dinner here with us. It was on the 16th of Jan. A long time ago it seems to me. Time really flies.

Right now, listing out the stuff i ve got to do: - finishing up with the new website for council, need to do the templates. Im just quite bogged down lately. =) but that;s life I guess. Now with Common Test 1 coming, I really have to work harder. =) im trying my best - serious.(The irritating pimples are a sign of that =P) Feedback Comm has just been great. It feels great now that I ve gotten to know really nice people in Feedback Comm. -- Ruting, Binh, Kalpana, Hasan, Shawn, Gian, Kang Hok, Squid.. cant imagine what it would have been without all you guys. =P 36th, we rule i guess. THe new website will be testiment to that. I ll put in my best. I ll try. My classmates, thanks so much for doing stuff for me, for helping me and for laughing with me. So far I havent anything much to cry about so lets hope you all wont need to cry with me for the time being. Haha. Thinking of what someone told me a long time ago... Its harder to let go. I realize it wont be easy for me to let go of all those stuff that u guys have enriched me with. =P

Today, had the "Love Matters" seminar today. Andrew Kong from the Family Life Society came to give us a talk. Showed us the video HARD TRUTH. I ve watched it 3 times already. Once at Church, the other in my sec school and now -- gotten used to all those gory slides on abortion and stuff. Seen much of D&Cs at the clinic i Was attached too for my Medical Attachment stint at an O&G Clinic.. My stand on Abortion is really.. no abortion. Life really begins at that point of fertilization, the fusion of the nuclei. I ve been at the clinic for 10 days and for every SINGLE day, i ve seen Ultra Sound scans of MANY pregnant women .. i ve seen so many heartbeats.. so many little lives in the womb. if thats not life than what is ? ..i ll put up my Journal for those few Days up soon. I feel that because of what i experienced for the whole attachment, i have matured much. Learnt Much. Grown much. Thank You Dr. Tan.

God Bless Everyone Today!
Yours Truly.

"We judge ourselves by our INTENTIONS. We judge others by their ACTIONS."
- Think abt this. I think its real true. Mr. Menon told us to write this down during the seminar today.


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