Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ash Wednesday: Start of Lent. period.
Today I attended the Ash Wednesday Mass, the 8pm one. I played for the mass..
They had a new keyboard today and IT was most stressful trying to make the music sound right. But it all turned out fine I guess, according to the choir people and my parents.. Hmmm .. Having a Physics Class test tomorrow regarding fields. Chemistry Tutorial to complete. Wow. LIFE noW sure is tiring. Trying to cramp all the info on Physics now .. Electric Field! Magnetic Field! Cross Field! .. Gravitational Field! haha .. also am now finding Applications on Complex Numbers for Math tomorrow ... period.
Start of Lent: Feelings: Today the M1 BILL came! I was so relieved.. it was the lowest bill i ever chalked up on my handphone. Thank GOd it IS low or else I would have to go without a phone. Another thing, I thought Fr. John came up with a great homily today. I started reflecting about what Lent actually meant to me. I have decided to make it a real meaningful one by trying my hardest to abstain for this period right up till Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Cant wait for Easter to come. I think its the MOST important event in the catholic church. Although Christmas celebrates the BIrtH of Christ, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ - Which is what really matters. To show that salvation is at hand for all believers. That's what really matters I think. Catholicism. Also, i have been feeling lately that it is my faith that has been pulling me through lately.. all those matters close to my heart, my family, my friends.. everything. Those STressful moments, those quiet peaceful moments.. those touching moments. Everything that meant alot to me. =) Another thing, FOR ulTIMATE relaxation, I would recommend listening to Gregorian Chants.. they are THE THE most heavenly music of all times.. seriously, the true music of the catholic church.. In latin, Its peaceful and soul renewing. A must HEAR. =p

Have a Great Day Tomorrow and Every Other DAy!

Ending with Salve Regina(Hail Holy Queen):

Salve Regina
Mater Miseri Cordiae
Vita Dulce Do
et spes nostra Salve
Ad te Clamamus
Exsule filli Hevae
Ad te suspiramus
Gementes Ad Flentes
In hac Lacrimarum Valle
e ya ergo, Advocata nostra
Ilos tuios meseri corde oculus
Ad nos converte
Et Jesum, Benedictum Fructum Ventris Tui
Nobis Post Hoc Exsilium Ostende
O Clemens, O pia, O dulce


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