Friday, April 09, 2004

.:Friday.9th of April.GOOD FRIDAY.2 Days to Easter:.Period
Today I had a really memorable day! and I won't want to forget this day ever, on the Celebration of the Lord's passion. So bear with me, cos i will never want to forget it. Maybe its the day I experienced a spiritual renewal...I HOPE.

I tried so hard to wake up this morning. With all the body aches and perhaps that nice wonderful dream I just couldnt pull myself out of the soft warm and cosy bed. =) or perhaps it was because I stayed up so late the night before just to read the CITY OF GOD, a book by Venerable Mary of Agreda, the book I was talking about in my previous blog session .. even the calls of my mater and pater, that's latin for mother and father.. couldnt get me out of the bed. Even the usual cries of my faithful alarm clock couldnt even nudge me out of the bed.. Really am tired. My disgusting ankle is giving me a headache as usual. The ligament starts aching and aching ..and the whole foot gets pain after that. .. but never mind. I ll now bear in mind now to lift it up for all the souls in purgatory. shucks my sufferings are so insignificant yet im complaining! im sorry...i shall NOT do it again.

Seriously, after a long time trying to get out of the bed, I finally managed to pull myself out and went to get ready to watch the show "the PASSION of the CHrist" at my piano teacher's house. This was my second time that im watching the PAssion. When we reached the house, we said the rosary and also the Holy Hour devotion before we watched the show. It was as before, my tears dripped down bit by bit. The parts of the show where I really cried the most were the parts of the show when, There are many parts, the first part: When Mother Mary went to the place after Jesus was scourged to clean up the blood and the pieces of flesh that came off his most precious body during the scourging using the towels that Pontius Pilate's wife, Claudia gave her. The second part: When Jesus was scourged so terribly, it hurt me just to look at the screen. The executioners were terrible. I can still remember vividly the whole show. Such atrocities. If only they knew. IF only they knew. But come to think about it, if they knew,they wouldnt have punished and tortured Jesus Christ so terribly, then our sins wouldnt be expiated, then there would be no easter and no hope of salvation...The Third Part: When Jesus fell down from his cross the second time (if im not wrong), when Mother MAry had ran off from the crowd after asking the disciple John to show her a way that she could be nearer to her son(IN actual fact, frm the book the City of God, she actually asked her entourage of 150 angels to guide her and make her a way where she could get a glimpse of her son). There was a flashback where she remembered how Jesus fell when he was a small child as she saw Jesus stumble and with hands out stretched, she ran up to him and tried to embrace her son, our Lord, her Lord as she did when he was little and had just fell down. One thing i forgot to mention also taken from the City of God book was that the mystery of the passion was that Mother Mary suffered exactly what ever Jesus felt and suffered from the Last Supper, all the way to his death. She had asked God to allow her to do so. She suffered in her soul and her sorrow pierced her heart like a thousand of knives, or so I was told. She would not have survived if not for the grace given to her from above. Imagine the pain she felt as a MOTHER, her own her own words "flesh of my flesh, Heart of my Heart.." .. The fourth part: When kindhearted and fearless Veronica offered to ease Jesus's sufferings by helping to dab his face with her veil. Our Lord gave her an imprint on her veil.--> Find out more about the Turin's Shroud. The Fifth Part: When the nails were pierced into his flesh when hammering HIM onto the Cross. The 6th part: When the loneliness of Jesus could be felt before he uttered his last words when he said "Eloi, Eloi, Lamasabbachini <-- I ll go check it out .. i THink i spelt it wrongly, it means My God My God why have you forsaken me?.

After the show we ate lunch with Kenneth and Angeline, I ate 2 slices of plain bread again. then daddy came by to pick us up after he left his office. We went home to fetch mummy as she was sleeping(She works nights) then we went off to church for the 3pm service.

We reached there early and had to wait for a carpark lot but it was all worthwhile as the prayer service was REALLY REALLY meaningful. After watching the Passion, and experiencing it, so to speak by watching the show(Mel Gibson did a spectacular Job) the mass became more meaningful to me. I ll explain it in detail later on in the days to come. (If u all want to know)

The priests prostrated themselves during the solemn procession into the church. The service was divided into 3 segments today as according to the Church's ancient tradition, Mass is not celebrated today. The 3 parts were the Liturgy of the Word, Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.

The liturgy: 1st and 2nd readings were about Jesus and his passion. THe responsorial Psalm: Father, into your hands, I commend my spirit. It was really meaningful. The most meaningful part of it all was the Gospel Reading. IT was on the Passion of the Lord according to John. though a rather long reading, it was by far the best, so to speak reading of all times. I remembered everything that occured during the show and it correlated to the gospel reading. Everything started to flow back into my head.. (Everything from the show at least) .. esp. this line from Pilate: WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
That's what I'd like to ask all of you and ask myself too.

The Veneration of the Cross was next: with the song BEHOLD THE WOOD.


Behold, Behold the Wood of the cross
On which is hung our salvation
O come let us adore

Verse 1:
Unless a grain of wheat shall fall
upon the ground and die, it shall
remain but a single grain and not give

Verse 2:
And when my hour of glory comes as all was meant to be,
You shall see me lifted up upon a TREE

Verse 3:
For there can be no greater love shown upon this land
than in the one who came to die that we might LIVE

Verse 4:
My father if it be your plan, this cup might pass my by,
yet let it happen as you will if I must DIE

Verse 5:
For surely he has borne our tears, is wounded by our sin, and
yet he opens not his mouth
that we might LIVE

Verse 6:
My body now is torn with pain, my friends have left and gone.
O loving father take my life into your hands..

I shall end here.period.


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