Friday, May 26, 2006

BUSY ...

hahahaha ... I'm actually so busy that I don't even have the time to blog the last few days. =) Well, I've finally experienced how a mum feels like now - this comes especially after a week of helping my mum with all the household chores and etc. I mean I usually help her, but with the loads of things and notes to read and digest during the sem, I didn't help out as much as I wanted too. (this seems so like an excuse .. but I hope its not haha =)) Thank you mum! for all you've done and still are doing... I don't know how I'd survive without you .. =)
Alright, I need to go off again.. Will come back soon. Till Then, God Bless!
In Christo et Mariae.

A beautiful picture of St. Peter's (view from the top) =)

I want to see the holy eternal City.

Citta del Vaticano


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