Thursday, May 11, 2006

St Alphonsus Ligouri =)

Some Wonderful Pictures ...

Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue at the Priory in S'pore
Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue at the Priory in S'pore
Saint Joseph, Patron of Fathers, at the Priory in S'pore
+ J.M.J.A. Forever
Hello All again! =) today was another great day .. With Angeline's exams over, she's as happy as anyone can be! =) we had a nice time today. Now! my grandma and auntie are staying over at my home ... family gatherings galore! =) o yes, and St. Alphonsus Ligouri is a real good writer. Till the next time then yeah!
o yes .. here's a link to articles by Fr. Lester - Asian News. His comments are sometimes hilarious and well, he has a sense of humour I guess.. haha =)
My beautiful bible:

God Bless!


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