Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Most Holy Name of Mary + Visit to Mother Mary IV

Today's the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, a beautiful feast, because the name of dearest Mother Mary, O is sincerely very beautiful, most amiable and lovely =).

From the book The Holy Eucharist by Saint Alphonsus Ligouri:

O My Jesus, when shall I really love Thee?

A Visit to Mother Mary IV :)
Here's the link to Visit number III.

My most sweet Queen, how pleasing to me is that beautiful name by which thy devout clients address thee: "Most amiable Mother!" (Mater amabilis) Yes, my Lady, thou art truly and indeed amiable. Thy beauty has captivated thy Lord himself: And the King shall greatly desire thy beauty. (Concupivit Rex speciem tuam. - Ps. xliv.12) St. Bernard says that thy very name is so amiable to thy lovers, that when they pronounce ot hear it they are inflamed with a fresh desire to love thee: "O sweet, O pious, O exceedingly amiable Mary! Thou canst not be named without inflamming, neither can thy name be heard without enkindling, the affections of those who love thee. It is, then, reasonable, my most amiable Mohter, that I should love thee. But I am not satisfied with only loving thee: I desire in the first place on earth, and then in heaven, to be, after God, thy greatest lover. If my desire is presumptuous, it is thou thyself who art to blame, on account of thy amiability, and the special love which thou hast shown me. If thou wert less amiable, my desire to love thee would be less. Accept, then, O Lady, this my desire; and in token that thou hast accepted it, do thou obtain me from God this love for which I ask thee, since he is so well pleased with the love which is borne thee.

Ejaculatory prayer: My most amiable Mother, I love thee much!

A Prayer of St. Damian

O Mother of God! cast upon us one look of compassion. I know that thou art full of goodness, and that thou lovest us in a measure that surpasses all other love. How often dost thou appease the anger of our Judge, when the hand of his justice is raised to strike us? All the treasures of mercy are in thy hands, and thou seekest every opportunity to save miserable sinners and to make them partakers of thy glory. Ah! never cease to interest thyself in our regard, that we may one day arrive at the happiness of seeing Thee in heaven; as the greatest good that we can enjoy, next to that of seeing God, is to see thee, to love thee, and to be under thy protection. Since thy Son desires to honour thee by refusing nothing that thou askest, hear our prayer, and intercede in our behalf.

Ejaculatory prayer: O Mary! I love thee as the most amiable of the works of God, and place my confidence in thee.

Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee; Save Souls!

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum. (ter)

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