Friday, February 09, 2007

A little bit on St Thomas Aquinas ...

Sancte Thomas Aquinas, Ora pro nobis:

Saint Thomas Aquinas, most famous for his Summa theologica of which was one of his most greatest and treasured works of the church. A wonderful philosopher :), here's a prayer I came across in a series of meditation materiel from the book, Alone with God by Fr Heyrman S.J..
"O Merciful God, grant me what is pleasing to Thee; may I ardently desire it,
prudently consider it,
clearly see it,
perfectly execute it,
to the praise and glory of Thy name."
Another beautiful verse from the Lauda Sion:

Also by Saint Thomas Aquinas, very beautifully again, I must say of the Most Holy Sacrifice:
“Sub diversis speciebus Signis tantum et non rebus Latent res
- Here beneath these signs are hidden, Priceless things to sense
forbidden, Signs, not things, are all we see.”


Oh dear me, I've been very busy (Deo gratias!) lately and the Molecular Bio Lab module CA1 has just been over, I'm terribly relieved (Deo gratias!) :) that it's over (haha, lol) and unworthy though I am, Saint Albert the Great, patron Saint of Scientists, please pray for me, intercede for me. (Saint Albert the Great was teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas) :) I barely can open my eyes well enough these days :) but I'm actually enjoying the mental exercise I've been getting since term started. Please do pray for me as I will for all my blog readers, if you have the time to read this blog post till thus far. :) God Bless you all!

"To the Praise and Glory of Thy Name" - From Alone with God (Friday of Septuagesima) meaning "70th day before Easter":

The Church on Septuagesima Sunday (4/2/07) officially "closed" the Christmas Cycle, and now we are onto the Easter Cycle, starting with part I: the SEASON of LENT. Thus now, we prepare for (to me) the most beautiful thing of our Catholic Faith, Lent: Reparation, Penance, ... Love.

Thus far, our only final goal in life, our aim, our everything: Heaven.

This is the final goal. Our happiness and our peace on earth and in heaven consist in fulfilling God's will. But first and above all, our happiness and our peace are a hymn to the praise and glory of God, as Dante sang in his Paradiso (27:1-9):

To the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Ghost

Honour and Glory: thus sang the voice of the Blessed,

And their sweet melodies threw me into a trance.

What I beheld appeared to me a smile

Of the universe, so that the ecstasy

Gripped me through eyes and ears.

O joy, O delight ineffable

O life, perfect in love and peace,

O riches securely possessed, and all desire satiated.

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