Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Veritas liberavit vos! Jn 8:32

I'm just at the start of a hectic school year and the work seems never ending! :) lol.

During stats class today, I realised how some statistic proofs used, especially hypothesis testing, one sided/two sided are so philosophically inclined. To prove by contradiction. I think I might just use that method, show how its almost like syllogism and use it when I write more when I can grab the time too, to blog on the Evolution Out! series.
Statisticians are wonderful and brilliant. lol. They are the philosophers of the scientific community.
Deo volente, I hope I do write properly. Sancte Thomas Aquinas, ora pro nobis!

Here's some good meditation materiel from the Imitation. :)
"Sigh and grieve that thou art still so carnal and worldly; so
much inclined to exterior things, so negligent to the interior; so prone to
judge, so severe in reprehending."
-Chapter 7 of Book IV

Though unworthy, we are still confident, ora pro nobis!:
"For there is no oblation more worthy, nor satisfaction
greater, for the washing away of sins, than to offer thyself purely and entirely
to God, together with the oblation of the Body of Christ, in the Mass and
-Chapter 7:4 of Book IV

Domine non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum: sed tantum dic verbo, et sanibitur anima mea.

Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof; say but the word, and my soul shall be healed.

And here's one of my favourite prayers, said by Sancte Padre Pio, who is the famous stigmatist of our times, a Saint! In it, we realise how really nothing we are. How small and miniscule we are. How God doesn't really need us to show His glory, because He made everything and everything, including the human intellect is all but just a speck in the everlasting beauty of the eternal kingdom. Everything depends on His will and it would be definitely His will that everyone and everything must follow. O Dearest Love of my soul, I love Thee!
STAY with me, O Lord. It is so necessary to have Thee present,
not to forget Thee; because Thou knowest how easily I abandon Thee.
STAY with me, O Lord, because I am weak and need Thy strength
not to fall so often.
STAY with me, O my Lor, because Thou art my life and without
Thee, I am without fervour.
STAY with me, O Lord, because Thou art my guiding light and
without Thee, I am in real darkness.
STAY with me, O Lord, to show me Thy Divine Will.
STAY with me, O Lord, that I may hear Thy voice and follow
STAY with me, O Lord, because it is my desire to love Thee so
much and always be in Thy company.
STAY with me, O Lord, that I may always be faithful.
STAY with me, O Jesus, because as poor as my soul may be, I
really want it to be a home of consolation, a real love nest for Thee.
STAY with me, O Jesus, because it is really getting late and
the day is declining so fast. Naturally realizing that life fades, death,
judgement, eternity approach and it is necessary for me to revive my strength,
not to falter on the way, and for this I really need Thee.
IT is getting late and death is nearing fast. I fear darkness,
temptations, my crosses with their bitterness and fatigue, my sorrows, and I
need Thee so much, my Dear God, in that lonely night of exile.
STAY with me, O Jesus, in the darkness of life and its
dangers. I really need Thee. Let me know Thee as Thy disciples at the fraction
of the bread, that is, that the Holy Eucharist be the light that dispels the
darkness, the strength that sustains me and the sole joy of my heart.
STAY with me, O Jesus, I do not ask for Divine Consolations,
because I am unworthy; but the gift of Thy presence, O yes! I beg it of
STAY with me, O Lord, it is Thee alone I seek, Thy love, Thy
grace, Thy heart, Thy spirit, because I love Thee and ask no other reward than
to love Thee more and more, with a firm and practical love.
I LOVE Thee with my whole heart on earth, so that I may love
Thee perfectly throughout Eternity.

O Dearest Mother, pray to Jesus for me, protect me!

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