Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What is Love?

Love is to give oneself up, for the benefit of another.
Love equates suffering,
as much as love is a many splendid thing.

And that is true love.

There is no other expression of a love so great, than in the Cross of dearest Jesus.
To all out there searching, look at this, the Cross, of a man, of ultimately a God, who came down on earth, just because He loved us so tremendously, that He did the greatest thing possible, and that is to give up His Life, for us.

The greatest thing He could ever do, He did, and in this, we can find the most beautiful expression of His love. The most holy sacrifice, the greatest miracle on earth!

Dear Saint Pio puts it most wonderfully when he says that:

"The life of a Christian is nothing but a constant struggle against itself, and its beauty does not become manifest except at the price of suffering."

Love Him! In order to find yourself!

Love Him because its the only thing worth doing,

And Love Him because, and believe me, Love Him because in no where else, you'd be able to find true happiness. =D

Mother Mary,my Mother, most Holy!, help me love Jesus more and more!

A prayer of St. Anselm to Our Lord and Our Lady:

O good Son, by the love, by which Thou lovest Thy mother, give me, I pray Thee, to love her truly, as truly Thou lovest her and will to love her. O Good Mother, by the love by which thou lovest thy Son and want Him to be loved, obtain for me, I pray thee, to love Him truly as thou lovest Him and willest Him to be loved.


And now, back to work for me. =)

In Christo et Maria!

Rachel Anne Thérèse


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