Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jesus: "It is consummated!"

I really love this picture because it says alot!
I had a sudden urge to post this up after reading it yesterday, don't ask me why, it seems appropriate though!, especially with the picture as can be seen above.
The meditation below is taken from St. Alphonsus Ligouri's book on the Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ.

Raise up thine eyes, my soul, and behold that crucified man. Behold the divine Lamb now sacrificed upon that altar of pain. Consider that he is the beloved Son of the Eternal Father; and consider that he is dead for the love that he has borne thee. See how he holds his arms stretched out to embrace thee; his head bent down to give the kiss of peace; his side open to receive thee into his heart. What dost thou say? Does not a God so loving deserve to be loved? Listen to the words he addresses to thee from that cross: "Look, my son, and see whether there be any one in the world who has loved thee more that I have."

No, my God, there is none that has loved me more than Thou. But what return shall I ever be able to make to a God who has been willing to die for me? What love from a creature will ever be able to recompense the love of his Creator, who died to gain his love?

O Mary, Mother of love, do thou obtain me love.


This is the front cover of the March 2005 edition of the Catholic Newspaper I've been blogging about.


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