Monday, July 10, 2006

My God and My All!

The Adoration of the Trinity
[(I do not know why I am suddenly thinking so much about Ironies, esp. after mass today!)
**This rant is purely for ranting purposes. No Harm, No Offence, No Nothing.**
[definition of rant:
to talk or complain in a loud excited and rather confused way because you feel strongly about something]
In this case, I'm treating it as a simple case of talk. This is not a complaint.. =) or so I think? haha.
(just scroll pass this if you don't want to read it)
Why the Irony? -> I THINK: it's because of some Ironical things that have been happening every Sun during the 930am sung mass! (no offence to anyone!!!, if you happen to know what I'm talking about..these are all but just little things that we have to tolerate) but don't you all realise that somehow the noise coming from the opposite [place] happens to be extremely loud or it apparently grows louder and louder during the consecration?? On one end we have the TRUE SACRIFICE (yes! I do believe firmly!) and on the other end, there's the NOISY noise. Distraction is Irritating. But, TOLERANCE is the word and I'm not angry, just ranting!!, as in the definition above.. I'm only human!! - to all reading this, ora pro nobis! gratias!=)
Deus meus, Deus meus, adjuva me! Deo gratias!!]
now, away from the rant, and back to serious business =)
[actually, the saying, God works in marvellous ways, in ways we all don't anticipate! really holds true!(don't you all agree?)
He allows things to happen because it is His will and because He wants to show us why some things are just the way it is] Deo gratias!=):
Notice the REAL IRONY!
(Because He Loves us Infinitely! ...)
A GOD crucified?
A GOD hung on a tree?
A GOD scourged?
A GOD mortified?
A GOD insulted?
A GOD bruised for our iniquities?
A GOD crowned with thorns?
A GOD mocked?
A GOD treated worse than a slave?
A GOD sold for less than what a slave was worth?
A GOD willing to suffer, His most Sacred Body, defiled, His most Precious Blood, spilled?
--and so on an so forth--
Whosoever on earth would endure all that, just to cleanse us of our iniquity?
I am now reminded of a paragraph I read some time ago in St Alphonsus Ligouri's book on The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ. I've searched through and I've just found it.
Here goes! =) :
(This is taken from Chapter 1: The Love of Jesus Christ in being willing to satisfy the Divine Justice for our sins.)
We read in history of a proof of love so prodigious that it will be the admiration of all ages.
There was once a king, lord of many kingdoms, who had one only son, so beautiful, so holy, so amiable, that he was the delight of his father, who loved him as much as himself. This young prince had a great affection for one of his slaves; so much so that, the slave having committed a crime for which he had been condemned to death, the prince offered himself to die for the slave; the father, being jealous of justice, was satisfied to condemn his beloved son to death, in order that the slave might remain free from the punishment that he deserved: and thus the son died a malefactor's death, and the slave was freed from punishment.
This fact, the like of which has never happened in this world, and never will happen, is related in the Gospels, where we read that the Son of God, the Lord of the universe, seeing that man was condemned to eternal death in punishment of his sins, chose to take upon himself human flesh, and thus to pay by his death the penalty due to man: He was offered because it was His own will - Isa. liii. 7. And his Eternal Father caused him to die upon the cross to save us miserable sinners: He spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all. - Rom. viii.32 .What dost thou think, O devout soul, of this love of the Son and of the Father?
Thou didst, then, O my beloved Redeemer, choose by Thy death to sacrifice Thyself in order to obtain the pardon of my sins. And what return of gratitude shall I then make to Thee? Thou hast done too much to oblige me to love Thee; I should indeed be most ungrateful to Thee if I did not love Thee with my whole heart. Thou hast given for me Thy divine life; I, miserable sinner that I am, give Thee my own life. Yes, I will at least spend that period of life that remains to me only in loving Thee, obeying Thee, and pleasing Thee.
Notice also this important point: Jesus wanted to do all this, it's because He WANTED to do it for us, because it was HIS OWN WILL! How great is that??! There's nothing on earth greater than this!
Going back to the question: Who on earth would endure all that, just to cleanse us of our iniquity?
ONLY GOD, is the answer. He is our MAKER, full of love for His creation.
Thus, by His OWN will, our REDEEMER,
and therefore, our JUDGE.
Most RIGHTFULLY, we all should always THANK HIM and LOVE HIM.
I think it's only natural..
AND not continuing to HEAP more and more insults against Him, our MAKER and SAVIOUR.
O My God and My ALL! =) You are definitely marvellous. Deo gratias!
In Christo et Maria!


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