Friday, September 29, 2006

some rest now..

It has been a sincerely tiring but refreshing break this week. =)
Tiring because there's much to do and read and what nots, refreshing well, because it has been a nice restful week even with all the work ...
A good meditation reading :)

The Redeemer, now nigh to expiring, with dying breath said,
It is consummated. – John xix.30 (consummatum est!)
As if He had said, O men, all has been completed and done for your redemption. Love me, then, since I have nothing more that I can do to make you love me. My soul, look up at thy Jesus who is now going to die.

Look at those eyes growing dim, that face grown pale, that heart which is beating with languid pulse, that body which is now abandoning itself to death; and look at that beautiful body which is just on the point of forsaking that sacred body.

The heavens are darkened, the earth trembles, the sepulchers are opened; signs that now the maker of the world is about to die. Lo, at last Jesus, after having commended His blessed soul to His Father, first giving a deep sigh from His afflicted heart, and then bowing His head in sign of the offering of His life which at this moment He renewed for our salvation, at length, by the violence of His sorrow, expires and renders up His spirit into the hand of His beloved Father. Approach up hither, my soul, to this cross. Embrace the feet of thy dead Saviour, and think that He is dead through the love which He bore to thee.

Ah, my Jesus, to what has Thy affection towards me reduced Thee? And who, more than I, has enjoyed the fruits of Thy death? Make me, I beseech Thee, understand what love that must have been that a God should die for me, to the end that from this day forth I may love none other than Thee. I love Thee, O greatest Good; O true lover of my soul, into Thy hands I here commend it. I beseech Thee, by the merits of Thy death, make me to die to all earthly loves, in order that I may love Thee alone, who art alone worthy of all my love. Mary, my hope, pray to Jesus for me.

Hail, Jesus, our Love, and Mary, our Hope!

“O riven Heart! O Love for me now crucified!
Give to my soul repose within Thy wounded side.”

-taken from St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri's The Passion and The Death of Jesus Christ
and now, its back to revising carbo and amino acid metab, back to the vietnam war, back to the versailles treaty of 1919 and back to the really interesting phage lambda for me..
O yes, and happy Michaelmas Day! =)


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