Sunday, September 24, 2006

Deo gratias for loving us, for everything! =D

One often wonders, the reason why dearest God does certain things He does,

Why did He make the wind,
That tussles your hair and blows at your face?
Why did He create the trees,
That move with the wind?
Why did He create the grass,
That supplement your feet?
Why did He make the flowers,
O so beautiful?
Why did He make us?
Catechism answers this beautifully.

(I took this from the first communion catechism - Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, because it is so simple, it shows just clearly what we all must do! =D)

GOD MADE US - the purpose of Man's existence

God made me to show His goodness and to make me happy with HIM in heaven.
God made me because He is good.
God is always happy.
God wants everybody to be happy.
God made me to be happy with Him forever.
I cannot be happy without God.
I need God.
Heaven is God's home.
Everybody in heaven is happy.
To be happy forever, we must get to heaven.
earth is the place where we get ready for heaven.
Deo gratias! I must say!
And then again, I have to make this comment.
Deo gratias for giving the music world, beethoven.
I'm not a good pianist, but one has to learn, play and hear beethoven's
Sonata in C minor or more informally known as Sonata Pathétique,
to see the greatness and maturity of God in this composer.
His music, besides gregorian chant is perhaps most soul-stirring. =)

and here is definitely an easy way for any soul to give flowers to dearest Mother Mary.

It is said that each time you say a hail mary when you say the rosary, you are offering dearest Mother Mary, a beautiful rose.

Give her heaps, give her garlands!!

We can love Jesus, by loving His most dearest Mother, our dearest Mother too! =D


O Queen of the Holy Rosary


In Christo et Maria,

Rachel Anne Thérèse


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