Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a wonderful thing!

My my! I just read something that literally blew me off my seat. (I was in the bus when I read this .. (lol) .. as usual, the bus was jerky and me being the silly engrossed self er..let's put it this way, I was/am/(hope not to be) clumsy.) BUT thing is, after reading this little page from the small book that I was holding, my reaction was a little like .. WOW! you have got to read this.=)

This is taken from page 13 of St. Alphonsus Ligouri's book, Uniformity with God's Will, translated from the Italian of the Saint, by Thomas W. Tobin, C.S.S.R.

The devout Father John Tauler relates this personal experience: For years he had prayed God to send him someone who would teach him the real spiritual life. One day, at prayer, he heard a voice saying: "Go to such and such a church and you will have the answer to your prayers." He went and at the door of the church he found a beggar, barefooted and in rags. He greeted the mendicant saying:

"Good day, my friend."

"Thank you, sir, for your kind wishes, but I do not recall ever having had a 'bad' day."

"Then God has certainly given you a very happy life."

"That is very true, sir. I have never been unhappy. In saying this I am not making any rash statement either. This is the reason: When I have nothing to eat, I give thanks to God; when it rains or snows, I bless God's providence; when someone insults me, drives me away, or otherwise mistreats me, I give glory to God. I said I've never had an unhappy day, and it's the truth, because I am accustomed to will unreservedly what God wills. Whatever happens to me, sweet or bitter, I gladly receive from his hands as what is best for me. Hence my unvarying happiness."

"Where did you find God?"

"I found him where I left creatures."

"Who are you anyway?"

"I am a king."

"And where is your kingdom?"

"In my soul, where everything is in good order; where the passions obey reason, and reason obeys God."

"How have you come to such a state of perfection?"

"By silence. I practice silence towards men, while I cultivate the habit of speaking with God. Conversing with God is the way I found and maintain my peace of soul."

Union with God brought this poor beggar to the very heights of perfection. In his poverty he was richer than the mightiest monarch; in his sufferings, he was vastly happier than worldlings amid their worldly delights.


This IS the answer to true happiness!

A good priest told this to me once, (or to this extend the way I remember it) in order to hear/listen to God, and let God enter into your soul, you need to be rid of worldly affections, rid of things that will cause God to be separated from you .. (etc)

Reading that particular page from St. Alphonsus's book and remembering what the good priest told me, I was compelled to put this up.


Dearest God! my happiness consists in doing everything entirely according to your will!

Dearest Mother Mary, please do help me!

My Patrons: St, Anne and St, Thérèse please pray for me!

A note: tomorrow's the feast day of O the most glorious Saint Anne! =) the mother of the most Blessed Virgin Mary! yay!!


On a side-note, I've just checked the IVLE site and have realised that they have pre-allocated LSM 2101 - Metabolism and Regulation and LSM 2102 - Molecular Biology! this is good! as it means that next sem, I am officially without any lab practicals! (but I'm now laughing at how I'm going to take sem2.. cos' there will be more labs in sem2) .. deo gratias anyway!! =)

There's also a flip side to this pre-allocation: (!!) I've realised that there's no KL, ZH or Anni with me! They have been pre-allocated the other 2 modules instead .. !! but it's alright =) Let God work his will.

Now, I don't want the hols to end.. haha!

(thing is, God won't grant me this..time has to move on!!)

and so be it! Amen! =)



In Christo et Maria!


Let us learn to be more like HER (Mother Mary) who gave herself, her whole will, and who united everything she did to the will of God! Ave Maria!


Blogger Kenny said...

Heyas Rachel!

Eh, you know what? If stories like that one you posted inspires you, methinks you will *love* the Fioretti, also known as The Little Flowers of St Francis of Assisi. If you're interested in reading it, let me know and I can lend you my copy.

12:34 AM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger rachelanne said...

hmmmm.. thanks then!

2:18 PM, July 26, 2006  

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