Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament enclosed in the Tabernacle

O Flowers, O happy flowers, which day and night
So near to my own Jesus silent stay,
And never leave him, till before his sight
At length your
life in fragrance fades away!
Could I, too, always make my dwelling-place
In that dear spot to which your charms you lend.
Oh, what a blessed lot were mine! what grace,
Close to my truest Life, my life to end!

O lights! O happy lights, which burn away,
The presence of our Jesus to proclaim;
Ah! could I see my heart become one day
Like you, all fire of love and burning flame,
Then, as you waste away, so would I die,
Like you, consumed with fire of love divine;
Oh! how I envy you! How blest were I
Could I but change your happy lot with mine!

O sacred pyx! thou art more favoured still,
For thou my love concealed dost here enclose;
What nobler, happier part could creature fill?
In thee thy very God deigns to repose!
Ah! were thy office but for one brief day
On this my poor and frozen breast bestow'd,
Then would my heart be melted all away,
Of love and fire become the blest abode!

But ah, sweet flowers, bright lights, and pyx so blest!
Far, far more fortunate than you am I,
When my Beloved comes within my breast,
All loving like a tender lamb to lie;
And I, poor worm, in this frail host receive
My good, my all, the God of Majesty!
Why then not burn? my life why then not give,
Since here my treasure gives himself to me?

Away, like fluttering moth around the light,
my raptured soul, about thy Jesus fly,
Inflamed with faith and love; and at the sight
Of thy beloved ever burn and sigh!
And when the hour arrives, and he is thine
Whose very sight make Paradise above,
Oh, press him to thy heart with fire divine,
And say thou wilt but love, love, only love!

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee; Save Souls!

Jesu mitis et humilis corde, Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum. (ter)

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