Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Prayer for Students, taken from the Raccolta and a Note for Teachers

St. John Baptist de la Salle (1651-1719) Founder of the Christian Brothers, educational reformer, and father of modern pedagogy:

1. The teacher determines the relative intelligence of every pupil in his class.

2. He adapts his language and explanations to the capacity of his class, and is careful never to neglect the duller pupils.

3. He makes sure that the pupils know the meaning of the words they employ.

4. He advances from the simple to the complex, from the easy to the difficult.

5. He makes it a special point to insist greatly on the elementary part of each subject; not to advance until the pupils are well grounded on what goes before . . .

9. To state but few principles at a time, but to explain them well . . .

10. To speak much to the eyes of the pupils, making use of the blackboard . . .

11. To prepare every lesson carefully.

12. To place no faulty models or standards before the pupils; always to speak to them in a sensible manner, expressing one's self in correct language, good English, and with clearness and precision.

13. To employ none but exact definitions and well-founded divisions . . .

18. To assert nothing without being positively certain of its truth, especially as regards facts,
definitions, or principles. 19. To make frequent use of the system of question and answer. (Chap. V, art. ii, pp. 31-33)

Taken from:
Conduite des Écoles chrétiennes (1717), a treatise on pedagogic method, presenting fundamental principles in a scientific manner. It is remarkable that the methods herein given have not been considerably changed since the time of its author, and that the principles laid down are as applicable today as when they were written.

This is a very good link: the translated copy of this abovementioned book in pdf! (Conduite des Écoles chrétiennes)

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