Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dearest Saint Joseph, Vielen vielen vielen Dank für alles!

This prayer is claimed to be over 1900 years old. In 1505, it was sent from the Pope to Emperor Charles, when he was going into battle. Whoever shall read this prayer, or hear it, or keep it about themselves, shall never die a sudden death, or be drowned, nor shall poison take effect on them. Neither shall they fall into the hands of the enemy, nor shall be burned in any fire, nor shall be overpowered in battle. 

Say it for nine mornings for anything you may desire. It has never been known to fail. 

Prayer to St. Joseph (over 1900 years old)

O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, 
so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God,
I place in you all my interests and desires.

O St. Joseph, do assist me by your 
powerful intercession, and obtain for me
from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings
through Jesus Christ, our Lord;
so that having engaged here below 
your Heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving
and homage to the most loving of fathers.

O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating 
you and Jesus asleep in your arms.
I dare not approach while He reposes
near your heart. Press Him in my name,
and kiss His fine Head for me,
and ask Him to return the kiss
when I draw my dying breath.

O St. Joseph, Patron of Departing Souls,
pray for us. Amen.

So much to say about this blessed blessed Saint that I know not where to start! 

There are many things to think about with regards to St Joseph: 

how our dearest Lord Jesus trusted him

how worthy he was for our dearest Mother Mary

how God entrusted so worthy a man for our dearest Mother Mary

how he was guardian of Mary and oh how wondrous also, guardian of Jesus

I stopped and thought long and hard about how Saint Joseph was so worthy a man for our dearest Mother Mary. How beautiful it is!

Also, how he held the Holy Family closely together, how he took care of Jesus and Mother Mary, how lovingly he passed his time together with them, how wonderful, and how he had Mother Mary and Jesus with him during his last agony. Dearest St Joseph, patron of the dying, please pray for us and guide us!

Ite ad Joseph!

Hymn to St Joseph

by F. Kevin Condol

If I could walk, as you have walked
Beside the Little Boy,
Who made the world, made you and me,
I'd ask no greater joy.

Oh, when you held His little Hand,
I wonder did you think
Of nails and thorns and lance and cross -- 
The chalice He would drink.

And did you watch Him as you worked
And, as the shavings curled,
Remember how, without a tool,
His wee Hands made the world?

While in one arm you hold Him fast,
Embrace me with the other,
That I may never stray from Him
Nor from our loving Mother.

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