Saturday, April 07, 2007

O Holy Mother of Sorrows! What grief!

Oh Mother of Sorrows, who can feel what thou hast felt for thy Son and thy God?

Oh what grief, what sorrow, what pain, what love and what compassion, the most Immaculate and Sorrowful heart of thee, my mother, must have felt, when thou didst stand by the cross of Jesus.

(Stabant autem juxta crucem Jesu Mater ejus) - John, xix.25

Oh what love Jesus must have for you, oh Dearest Mother, a Son who had from eternity chosen you to be His Mother, and had given you a preference in His Love before all mankind and all the angels, and oh what love must you have for Jesus thy Son who was also your God!

O Dearest Mother! Mater Dolorosa!



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