Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i cannot wait ...

i cannot wait for the exams to end :) its still a long way more (to me) ... haha (and time doesn't seem to fly for this one lol) please do pray for me. Deo gratias et Mariae!


For this,

it is in this, a little prayer, so beautifully shown:
Creator of all things, alas
that here below
I see Thee but as in a glass,
as a faint glow;
The glass is all too often dimmed
by earthly dust,
The emblems haplessly are rimmed
with matter's crust!
But one day, in Thy glory's light
I shall behold
unveiled Thy Count'nance bright
'mid bliss untold:
a drop afloat in the vast Sea
of consciousness
of the all-beauteous Deity ...
in timelessness!
G. Gezelle, Pr. (translated)

i really really cannot wait! :)

Jesus, Mary, I Love Thee; Save Souls!



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