Thursday, November 09, 2006


Deo gratias et Mariae!

I am very pleased to announce that I have finally survived 3 harrowing, back to back tortures (versailles, the economics of nation-building, piles and piles of metabolic pathways in metabolism and regulation) and have only 1 more (UN Commission of Inquiry on the Cold War) to go before the most harrowing of tortures! the examinations!! - alright, they were not as harrowing as I make them sound =D, and Deo volente, I hope everything will be alright.

Well, well, well, I feel like chattering non stop now, and the only thing that is stopping me is that I am quite alone now (which I quite like actually.. lol), surrounded by a dozen unfamiliar faces (except of course my Dearest Angel - not that I can see him - but that my dearest Guardian Angel and yours too is always beside you (sincerely, my best assistant in every single thing I've been doing - he's real great..) beside me now - probably laughing at me for being so crappy) well, all that explains why I haven't been on blogosphere for quite a few days and from this point on, till end Nov, I will be blogging sporadically because of the upcoming examinations. Don't worry I'll be back in full force once all the exams are settled and gone. =)
Please do pray for me! Ora pro me! Deo gratias!

I cannot wait for the exams to be over, then I can finally go back to doing all the things that I can't read/do when its term time and when there's back to back assignments/hw/readings/memorising to do. I don't have to tell you about temptations but, the struggle against picking up books like, The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda, over books like, Basic Medical Biochemistry, a Clinical Approach by Marks, Marks and Smith is sincerely overwhelming. Again, I over-exaggerate here, but sincerely, this is just to bring up the point that I can't wait, I can't wait and yes, I can't wait for Christmas, the time for the ever lovely carols and smiles, but more importantly, the time when the world - i hope - realises how great the love that the only God shows for his creation, in giving up his Son to us, to allowing his Son to be born into the human race - Oh! Dear baby Jesus, by the most perfect and Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, only to die on the most painful death of the cross to suffer for our iniquities. Contemplating the nativity is certainly very very beautiful. Let us go back in time, to that moment when Our dearest Saviour leaves the womb, the first tabernacle, of our Blessed Mother, the tiny baby, ever reliant on the Mother, but there's another side to this equation, even if Jesus was so reliant on Mother Mary, because He was a baby, everything else in the world, the donkeys, the lambs, the shepherds, the hay in the stable, the Angels, even Saint Joseph and Mother Mary herself was also dependent on Him. How beautiful it is to see that a God would want to do what He did for us! Deus caritas est!
Till the next time then!
God Bless all! =D
In Christo et Maria,


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