Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Most Holy Eucharist

We had a very inspiring homily today. Given by Fr. Couture, he talked about the Eucharist. Every part, every portion, every single bit of the Most Holy Eucharist is Jesus. He is our All, our Everything. Our mightest King who livest and reignest forever, world without end. In saecula saeculorum.
Fr. also mentioned Matt Talbot. You can find his story here.
Lastly, I have been reading this book, Todo - Nada, about the life of a priest, Fr. Henry La Praz. It never fails to amaze me, from all the other books that I've read and even much more so from this book, how God works - in His own way, in His own amazing way. And that's why we must always, always put our trust and have faith in him.
By Saint Claude de la Columbiere
My God, I am so intimately convinced that Thou dost watch over all those that hope in Thee, and that we can want for nothing while we expect all from Thee, that I am resolved to live without anxiety in the future, casting all my care on Thee. "In peace I will sleep and I will rest for Thou hast wonderfully established me in hope." (Ps IV, 9,10) Men may turn against me: sickness may take away my strength, and the means of serving Thee; I may even lose Thy grace by sin, but I will never lose my hope. I will keep it even to the last moment of my life, and all the demons in hell shall try in vain to tear it from me. In peace I will sleep and I will rest.
Others may look for happiness from their riches or their talents; they may rely upon the innocence of their lives, the rigour of their penance, the number of their good works, or the fervour of their prayers; but for me, O Lord, my confidence shall be my confidence itself. For Thou hast wonderfully established me in hope.
This confidence has never decieved anyone. No one hath hoped in the Lord and been put to shame. I am sure that I shall be eternally happy, because I hope firmly to be so, and it is from Thee, O Lord, that I hope it. In Thee, O Lord, have I hoped; I shall not be confounded forever.
I know that I am frail and changeable; I know the power of temptation against the most firmly based virtues: I have seen the stars of heaven and the pillars of the firmament fall; but not even this can make me fear. As long as I hope, I am safe from every evil, and I am sure of always hoping because I hope for this unchanging hope. For Thou, O Lord, hast wonderfully established me in hope.
In fine, I am sure that I cannot hope too much in Thee; and that I cannot obtain less than I hope for from Thee. Thus I hope that Thou wilt uphold me in the greatest dangers, protect me in the most violent assaults, and make my weakness triumph over my most formidable enemies. I hope that Thou wilt love me always, and that I also shall love Thee with unfailing love; and to carry my hope at once as far as it can go, I hope for Thee from Thyself, my Creator, both in time and eternity. Amen.
I've come to a conclusion about how true the Catholic Faith is (I mean I know it has always been the Truth but throughout the past few years, I've come to comprehend many facets of my faith and understand it very much so better). It speaks the Truth. And dearest Lord, strengthen me. Help me and guide me. Teach me and make me learn. Help me to become a better person. Without you there is nothing. Without you, Life has no meaning. Thou are the Way, the Truth and the Life. O dearest Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like onto Thine. Dominus, Miserere nobis.
Now, I can't wait to start writing on Veritas. =) but it looks like I have to wait till after the exams. =) Here's to another busy week at school ...


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