Thursday, March 12, 2020

The teacher is always quiet during the test. The teacher watches over faithfully.

Thank you Jesus for walking with me (and all of us) as we journey on in this life. 

My Angel, help me to remember: The teacher is always quiet during the test. But is the teacher absent? No. He/She is not absent. He watches over faithfully during the test. 

A good example for this is on one occasion of St. Catherine of Siena's temptation: Our Lord seemed to have forsaken her, while her cell was haunted by frightful figures who whispered evil thoughts in her ear and who pursued her even to the church with their hideous suggestions. When this was overcome, St. Catherine asked Our Lord, where He had been all the time when she had been beset by such horrible temptations.

"Daughter," He replied, "I was in your heart, taking great delight to see love and holy fear and faith so strong in it.

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