Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ich wünsche Euch einen gesegneten und heiligen Advent

Our Expectant Mother Mary this Adventide, eagerly expecting Our Lord

It is indeed very special indeed this Advent, as I contemplate Our Dearest Mother, soon-to-be on donkey-back, making her way to Bethlehem, huge lump and all in front of her - and how arduous the journey (!), in piercing cold and rocky paths, with the donkey going up and done. How must St Joseph have felt, trying to protect Our Dearest Mother and guide her safely so that they could have the census done. And ... How must Our Lady have felt, to know how St Joseph was feeling and the suffering She, too, had to undergo on this journey. In this day and age, no travel is advised for huge pregnant women in their 8th and 9th month, unless absolutely necessary ... 

Deo gratias et Mariae (sehr sehr much!!!) It is indeed a very wonderful grace for a mother to be expecting at the time when Our Lady did. 

St Gerard Maria Majella, please take care of this child and, together with her Guardian Angel, guide her safely into this world so that she can receive the saving grace from the waters of Baptism. 

Awaiting Our Little Baby Jesus after the 4th Sunday of Advent

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